Flowers & plants for a new home

A new home or housewarming is not complete without flowers or a beautiful plant.

Sending flowers for a new home, flowers or plants are indispensable as decoration and real atmosphere makers. In a new cutting, this is therefore a perfect gift for an acquaintance who has just moved! Order your favorite gift today and we'll provide a nice surprise!

Congratulations on the new home!

If there is a good time to order a bunch of flowers for someone, it is to congratulate them on a new home. Flowers or a nice plant create a festive atmosphere and that is exactly what you want to achieve with your congratulation. We can deliver all kinds of bouquets for you, also together with an appropriate gift. All you have to do is select a beautiful bouquet of flowers on our site together with a suitable glass vase and enter the recipient's details. We then deliver them to the new home on water. You can count on the flowers to be completely fresh, because we offer you a 7-day freshness guarantee.

Deliver flowers for a new home

You can choose your congratulations for a new home easily and quickly via our site. You can also choose a suitable greeting card. We have more than enough of that too. Or make a personal card with a photo of the new house.

Delivering a plant for a new home.

When you go to a housewarming party or you want to congratulate someone remotely with a new home, it is of course important to give a suitable gift. A nice plant is always a good idea to have the local florist delivered. A beautiful plant naturally gives the house some extra atmosphere. In fact, one can never have enough plants in the house.

With a new house comes new stuff. But what do you give as a present to someone who has a new home? You don't want to give a gift that they already have or that is of no use to them. With a plant, the house is always a little more finished. A plant creates a cozy and green atmosphere, which is often lacking in a new and empty house. Does the new resident have no green fingers? Don't panic, we also always explain the care of the plant.

Flowers with a gift for a new home.

In addition to a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a beautiful plant, you can of course surprise the residents of the new home. For example, a bottle of beautiful Champagne to toast at the new home. Giving a beer package is also an appropriate gift with a beautiful green plant for a new home.

If the residents really have a sweet tooth, it might be nice to add a nice box of chocolate bonbons to the bouquet for a new home.

Gift for a new home.

How about a Rituals gift package with scented sticks for the new home or with a delicious scented candle. Are the new residents more wine or perhaps real whiskey or vodka lovers? don't worry, we can also have these drinks delivered together with a beautiful bouquet or beautiful plant for a new home.