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Also known as a bird of paradise plant is a real eye-catcher!

The Strelitzia plant, also known as the "Bird-of-Paradise Flower", is a striking and beautiful houseplant with large, exotic flowers that look like birds' heads. The plant has large, green leaves that give it a tropical look. The Strelitzia plant is an easy-care plant that grows best in a well-lit spot, but protected from direct sunlight. It is a great choice for offices or the home as a decoration or gift and is also a great choice for those looking for a plant with striking flowers and an exotic look. This cool plant fits in almost any interior and likes a bit of sun.

The height is approx. 50-70 cm. in matching container.

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Care tips for flowering houseplants.

Care tips for flowering houseplants.

Flowering houseplants bring atmosphere to your home, often smell wonderful and are available in a wide range of colors.

Make sure that the water is always lukewarm and treat the plants once a week for a spray from the plant spray or put them outside in the summer during a light rain shower.

After flowering, reduce the watering once a week, plant nutrition is now taboo. The plant can be re-potted in the spring, use good potting soil.

Most flowering plants love a lot of light, but always avoid direct sunlight.

Carefully read the care tips that are often supplied with the plant. Or call our Florist, he is always willing to inform you.

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