Kentia palm (Howea palm)

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A large Kentia palm  suitable for an office environment.

The Kentia Palm, also known as the Howea Forsteriana, is a beautiful and elegant houseplant with large, green leaves that create a tropical feel in any room. This palm grows slowly and can eventually reach a height of more than 2 meters. Kentia Palm is one of the best indoor plants for low lighting and is easy to maintain.

Optionally you can choose a matching flower pot. The flower pot is specially designed to accentuate the plant and will add to the overall look of the plant.

The Kentia Palm is an ideal for home or office, this plant will provide a fresh and lively atmosphere and will contribute to a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the room.

A matching planter is optional.

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Care tips for green plants

Care tips for green plants

Green plants are a wonderful addition to any space and can have many health and wellness benefits. Here are some care tips to keep your green plants healthy:

Provide adequate lighting: Green plants need light to grow and stay healthy. Make sure your plants are in an area where they get enough light, but not placed in direct sunlight.

Give them plenty of water: Green plants need water to survive. Make sure to keep the soil moist, but be careful not to overwater the soil.

Avoid excessive heating or cold: Green plants prefer a cooler environment, so make sure they are not placed in a room with excessive heating or cold.

Remove yellow leaves: Green plants sometimes lose leaves, remove these yellow leaves to prevent them from interfering with the healthy growth of the plant.

Use the right potting soil: Green plants need specific potting soil. Be sure to use the correct potting soil for your type of plant.

Regular feeding: Green plants need regular feeding to stay healthy. Use a specific plant food and follow the directions on the package for the correct amount.

By following these care tips, your green plants will stay healthy and beautiful. Remember to regularly inspect them to make sure they stay healthy and to respond to any signs of trouble.

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