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Hypericum. Background information about, origin, species, care and bouquets with Hypericum

About the Hypericum

The Hypericum likes to surprise you. The life course of Hypericum is dominated by change. She starts out as a flower, but her final form is a branch full of berries.


This is how you make the berries shine for a long time:

  • Cut the flower stems diagonally.
  • Always use cut flower food in the vase.
  • Make sure there are no petals hanging in the water.

Hypericums are thirsty, so fill your vase with extra water if necessary.

Do not place the berries in a draft, in full sun or near another heat source.


You can recognize Hypericum during flowering by the multitude of golden yellow flowers, after which berries grow on the branches. These white to dramatic dark red berries quickly give a cool twist to a beautiful bunch of flowers.


Hypericum is also known as Hertshooi and St. John's wort. Yes, you have certainly heard of that. This herb is often used as a remedy for insomnia or to combat depressive symptoms. Back in the day, the herb was nicknamed “chase out the devil”. It was then used as a defense herb against, yes, witches, magic and other miseries. In short, with Hypericum in a bouquet you are assured of an evening without unannounced guests.


Originally Hypericum comes from Bulgaria and Turkey, but nowadays it is spotted all over Europe.