A Farewell 'As You Were'

We understand what such a moment means and would like to help to arrange the best possible goodbye.

The deceased did not like the spotlight. No hassle for him or her. She/he was someone who was easily satisfied with small things and enjoyed them in silence. In brief, a beautiful, modest person.

I miss you Funeral arrangement

The feeling of missing someone is not just gone and always stays. This style of funeral arrangement provides support for that feeling and shows it.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Farewell

A funeral arrangement of modest white flowers in a round Biedermeier style. A wonderful arrangement for a modest farewell to a loved one.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval White Heaven

A White Sky full of Flowers that the arranger of this mourning arrangement wanted to bring about with this creation. Seasonal flowers in white tones beautifully brought together in this Funeral Piece

Funeral Spray Farewell teardrop-shape

A modest farewell, a goodbye, a See you, this Mourning funeral spray has all these messages in it

Funeral bouquet "Farewell" on a vase composed.

A beautiful style of modest white flowers suited by the Fleurop Florist in the vase. A nice bouquet to offer comfort to the family with the processing of this loss.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier I miss you

The feeling of being missed is not just gone and always stays. This Biedermeier style supports that feeling and shows it. Because you can. Cared for and delivered by the Local Fleurop Florist