Order funeral flowers

Send funeral flowers in the Netherlands: all our funeral flowers are carefully made by the best local Fleurop florist.

We also deliver in churches, funeral homes or other special locations. Our customer service is ready to help with any questions of other specific needs. What kind of Funeral Flowers are you looking for ?  Sympathy Flowers & Gifts for the Home or Funeral Flowers for the Service.

Send funeral flowers.

Send a funeral flowers  for a funeral or cremation. Our range of funeral flowers is divided into styles. What kind of person was the deceased? What kind of flowers did he or she like? Further is the assortment and the season availability taken into account.

When selecting the style, you end up with funeral arrangements. There you can choose the binding form and style, e.g. funeral bouquet, Oval and Teardrop ShapesBiedermeier, Wreaths, Special shapes or Casket Spray covers.

We all know that saying goodbye is difficult and heavy. Whatever the circumstances are, it's tough and often incomprehensible. How do you say goodbye to someone for good when you don't want to? We understand what such a moment means and would like to help to provide the best possible goodbye. By making it personal. A goodbye that really suits someone.

Funeral flowers with ribbon.

In the Netherlands it's common to add a funeral ribbon wit a printed text to the funeral bouquet. The text on this Ribbon is often a farewell message to the deceased. You Simply can add the mourning ribbon or mourning card to the bouquet by  entering your personal text.

How to order funeral flowers?

During the ordering process of the funeral flowers, we need some extra information. So when ordering the funeral flowers, keep the following information at hand:

      • Name of cemetery / funeral home / crematorium
      • Name of the deceased
      • Date and time of funeral
      • Postal code and house number of the delivery location.

We always deliver the funeral flowers to a location of your choice for example: a church, funeral home or crematorium. Our florists ensure that the flowers are delivered at the right time and that the Florist are at their very best.

When ordering a funeral flowers, you can also add a funeral ribbon with your own texts. If you prefer no mourning ribbon when ordering the funeral flowers, a personal mourning card may be the solution.

Do you have questions or are you in doubt about something? Contact our contact customer service.

Funeral flower styles.

You can also choose another style of funeral flowers