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Funeral bouquet white


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Modern classic Funeral spray


Funeral flowers spray


Funeral spray Orchid 91307


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Funeral arrangement spray white teardrop


Funeral arrangement White elegance


Oval classic grouped funeral arrangement


Funeral flowers red roses


Funeral Spray Exotic


Colorful oval Funeral arrangement


Funeral spray dynamic


Funeral biedermeier White roses


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Mixed roses Funeral spray


Funeral spray oval White heaven


Oval funeral arrangement pink


Teardrop of roses


Funeral spray oval white




Hart of red roses


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Sweetheart pink Farewell


Coffin cover colorful soft roses


Coffin cover Red Naomi Roses


Coffin Cover with white Avalanche roses


Coffin cover mixed white flowers


Funeral spray Warm red


Set of hearts


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Baby star


Bear with little bunch of flowers


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Funeral arrangement modern


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Funeral flowers Familia


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Sympathy bouquet lilly


Sympathy Flowers


Rememberance Wreath pink


Remembrance Wreath White roses


Remembrance wreath red


Funeral arrangement Silence words Hart-shape


Funeral arrangement


Funeral arrangement


Wreath beautiful moments


Coffin cover beautiful moments


Casket decoration beautiful moments


Funeral arrangement beautiful moments Teardrop shape


Biedermeier beautiful moments


Funeral arrangement

When you're placing an order for a funeral, keep in the following in mind:

  • The funeral home address and phone number are required.
  • Date and time of the funeral are required
  • Please feel free to type a message or simply include your name.
  • Check spelling carefully since your message will be print as it appears.

If you have any questions? Please contact our sales department by phone +31 0852732330 an e-mail message to sales @flowers.nl