Order funeral flowers

Send funeral flowers in the Netherlands: all our funeral flowers are carefully made by the best local Fleurop florist. We also deliver in churches, funeral homes or other special locations. Our customer service is ready to help with any questions of other specific needs.

Design your own funeral bouquet

Create and design your bouquet of funeral flowers for delivery in the Netherlands. Our Florist will make with Craftmanship and great care your funeral bouquet.

Funeral bouquet white

a Funeral Bouquet presented lying. Flowers are combined in Groups. Designed and arranged with great care and Craftsmanship by our Local Florist


Design your own funeral spray arrangement

Design a funeral arrangement by Style, price, colors and flowers of your wishes

Remembrance Wreath Softpink

Stylish, serene and a sign of respect: that is a memorial wreath. A generous wreath for commemorating the deceased. A classic wreath for a ceremonial memorial or funeral. The composition of flowers can differ due to the available seasonal flowers

Remembrance wreath red

A commemorative wreath composed with warm red flowers of the season. A stylish wreath for a ceremonial commemoration or the departure of a special personality.

Funeral Bouquet Color full

This extraordinary mixed flower bouquet delivers your sympathy with a beauty and faith that reflects the love and loss you feel. The asymmetrical bouquet is hand-arranged by a local FTD florist

Biedermeier Funeral spray soft pink roses

A mourning Funeral spray in Biedermeier style made of soft pink roses combined with by-materials in the same color. A beautiful mourning piece for saying goodbye to a loved one cared for by the Fleurop Florist

Funeral spray pink roses

Roses, Waxflower, baby's breath

Funeral Bouquet spray

White Serene Flowers in a round bounded shape. We great care and Craftsmanship designed by our Locale Florist. Delivered at the funeral home or Church.

Funeral Flowers - Baby star

A Small little star made with Hydrangea, Roses, Baby's breath,

Funeral Flowers - Sweet heart white

A Small little Hart made from  an Orchid, Gypsophyla, and the smal littel white flowers from a  Kalanchoe plant.

Funeral Flowers - Set of hearts

A set of hart with a combination of Dianthus and Aconithum  hand crafted by our Local Funeral Florist

Funeral Spray Arrangement Warm red Oval

 A true blanket of warm red flowers with, among other things, roses and gerberas provide a beautiful cover for the mourning box. A nice mourning piece for saying goodbye to a loved one.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin Cover with white Avalanche roses

Large-flowered white Avalanche roses in combination with Asparagus and other green materials

Coffin cover Red Naomi Roses

Red roses with green materials are connecting a beautiful cover of the coffin of the deceased.

Remembrance Wreath Liberation

Commemorative wreath Liberation is a generous flower arrangement and completely surrounded by large-flowered white roses. A stylish wreath for a ceremonial commemoration or the departure of a special personality. The commemorative wreath is often combined with mourning ribbons.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover colorful soft roses

Roses in various soft colors that cover the coffin like a blanket.

Funeral flowers - Familia

A set of conected Flowers Bowls that ar symbolic for the Family Members. Different variety of flowers possible.

Sweetheart pink Farewell

The flowers used in this arrangement will be adjusted by the season

Funeral Flowers - Hart of white roses

An open Heart of white large-flowered roses in combination with baby's breath and green materials for a warm love.

Funeral Flowers - Hart of red roses

A floral funeral piece full with love in the shape of a Hart with red roses.

Funeral Flower arrangement Butterfly

Funeral arrangement in the shape of a butterfly. This arrangement is about 65 cm/25 inches long.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval white Large

White roses in combination with white Gerber's, together with white materials, form a blanket of flowers for the coffin of the deceased. For a flowery ceremony,

Funeral Spray Arrangement A Teardrop of roses

There is almost no tear of white roses, a more symbolic rendition of flowers of your sorrow. This mourning arrangement gives a nice interpretation of your emotions.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval in Pinks

A tasteful classic oval mourning arrangement with flowers of the season I brought together this beautifully composed funeral piece. For the funeral of a dear friend or family member.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval White Heaven

A White Sky full of Flowers that the arranger of this mourning arrangement wanted to bring about with this creation. Seasonal flowers in white tones beautifully brought together in this Funeral Piece

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Mixed colorful Roses

A sparkling round Biedermeier made of beautiful mixed roses. An arrangement for a colorful person who has been fully engaged in life. For a special farewell.

Funeral spray Biedermeier Navy


The blue flowers represent the water, the sea with white accents of roses makes this a beautiful arrangement for someone who could not resist the love of sailing and navigate the water. 

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Hot pink color tones

The spicy pink hues of this arrangement represent the beautiful years of life and memories of the deceased. An arrangement in the classical Biedermeier style carefully compiled by the Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Frivolous white Roses

A composition of Frivolous white roses combined with matching by-materials in white and green color accents. For a dear memory of the deceased.

Funeral Biedermeier with warm red Roses

A funeral flower arrangement composed in a Biedermeier style with warm red roses in combination with various matching green materials. Symbol for a warm and loving life.

Funeral biedermeier White roses

Composition: White roses, Eupatorium and green foliage

Funeral Spray Arrangement dynamic

 A stunningly beautiful arrangement with a nice dynamic appearance. Dynamic, powerful and at the same time fragile are some of the great features of this Funeral Piece.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Colorful oval

The power that this colorful arrangement, composed of different types of flowers, radiates is a symbol of the power of the deceased in her or his life. Rest in peace.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Stylistic Soft Pink


Funeral spray soft pink

A combination of flowers adapted to the season

Funeral spray Gloriosa

Oval aligned, airy flower arrangement with bright colors and delicate materials. Due to the different types, the arrangement looks natural and field-like.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Exotic Flower


A funeral piece that fits the funeral of a person with an exotic lifestyle. Someone who was always sunny and cheerful in life and radiated positivity. For a sunny and happy farewell.

Funeral Spray Arrangment Classic Red Roses in Oval shape

A timeless funeral piece with Red Roses in the lead role in an oval shape and combined with beautiful matching green materials from grasses.

Funeral Spray arrangement Flowery Styled

The clean lines and shapes of this stylized mourning arrangement represent a very beautiful coffin cover with the sunny heart of sunflowers a beautiful funeral piece for a cheerful personality.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval classic grouped

A classic piece is this funeral piece in white with blue accents on line and the flowers are incorporated in this oval-shaped arrangement in groups. Cared for and delivered by the Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Spray Arrangement White oval elegance

Groups of flower types on line in white tones, combined with beautiful leaf types, make this funeral piece an elegant display during the funeral of a loved one.

Funeral Spray arrangement Roses in White Teardrop Shape

A classic funeral piece made of white roses in a drop shape. Often this drop is symbolized as a tear for the loss of a loved family member or friend. Cared for and delivered by the Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Spray White Oval Shape

An oval-shaped funeral piece in white tones, with white lilies as the main flower used. A modest funeral flower arrangement for a worthy and quiet farewell to a loved one.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Orchids

A Coffin cover in a composition of driftwood, phalaenopsis Orchids, Hydrangea, Aechmea Flower  and Foliage.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Tropical orange oval

Like a true tropical blanket of flowers, this cheerful orange-colored funeral piece reflects the beautiful character of the deceased with a true cocktail of flowers.

Funeral flowers spray

Composition: Phalaenopsis, Delphinium, Roses, Astilbe  other summer flowers

Funeral spray season

The combination of flowers will change with the season

Funeral Flowers - Modern

A Timeless funeral arrangement made fro m dried stems of Fallopia (Japanese ~Knotweed) combined with Phalaenopsis Orchids and Gloriosa.

Sympathy bouquet lilly

Rosa, lilium, Phlox, Veronica, Agapanthus, Vase (option)

Sympathy Flowers

Flowers combination vary s by the season

Summer breeze Funeral bouquet

A beautifully composed mourning bouquet of summer flowers, an airy creation of flowers. Composed with great care and craftsmanship by our local Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Spray Emotional closely

Emotions can be there. This style with combined roses keeps the feeling close. This mourning arrangement fits an emotional farewell to a dear friend or family member.

Funeral Flowers - Emotional close

A special funeral arrangement in a tree bark (cork) composed with colorful flowers.

Funeral Spray Silence nature

As if you look out over a quiet landscape with the beautiful colors of wild flowers so naturally blended in color and type of composition. The perfect picture.

Funeral Spray Memories oval shape

In this arrangement every pastel hue and flower stands for a nice memory of the deceased. Prepared and delivered by Fleurop Florist with the greatest care.

Funeral bouquet Special Memories

A reflection of all the special memories you have of the deceased. Colorful, loving and special. Our Fleurop Florist puts this bouquet together with the greatest care and skill for you.

Funeral Flowers - Eternal nature hart

An eternal love for nature is what this heart shape mourning funeral arrangement stands for.

Funeral Spray Eternal nature

For a pure nature lover. A mourning arrangement from eternal nature that never stands still and is always moving and always brings something else to explore.

Funeral Flowers - Wunderfull bear Funeral arrangement

A Little Teddy Bear is carrying a bundle of little flowers for the funeral.

Funeral Spray | Wunderfull beauty in Casket Spray

Pain and sorrow. How heavy a farewell can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful with this box cover.

Funeral Spray Wonderful beauty in teardrop style

Pain and sorrow. No matter how hard a farewell can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful.

Funeral Spray Farewell Oval

Say goodbye. Whatever the circumstances, it is heavy and often incomprehensible. How do you say goodbye to someone forever? Cared for and Delivered by the Florist Florist.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a dear friend or family member is always difficult. This beautiful arrangement in white with blue accents expresses your feelings with flowers.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Twilight

Feel the confidence and secure with this beautiful mourning flower arrangement of colors in natural twilight. Cared for and delivered by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral Spray Hidden presence

This flower arrangement expresses your presence at a moment of farewell that you personally could not attend because distance and time were an too great obstacle.

Funeral Bouquet Hidden presence

A mourning bouquet that is symbolized by the special flower composition for your presence, sadness and love. Despite the fact that you cannot be present at the funeral.

Funeral Spray Eternal light

The eternal light stays on thanks to the combination of purple and yellow flower types. For a conceivable farewell to a dear family member or friend.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Eternal light.

The eternal light stays on thanks to the combination of purple and yellow flowers. Composed and delivered with the utmost care by the local Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Spray Endless flowers

This style features the gentle tender love that remains infinitely large. Cared for and delivered by the Local Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Biedermeier Endless soft colors

This style features the gentle tender love that remains infinitely large. A nice mourning arrangement for a worthy goodbye.

Funeral Spray Thank full oval-shape

With this funeral piece, soft pink with white provides a tender feeling of gratitude

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Thank full

Soft pink with white provides a tender feeling of gratitude. Cared for and delivered by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral Flowers - Great Sadness Star

A Star full of Sadness is made symbolic with this beautiful funeral arrangement.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Great Sadness

An arrangement in pink tones with seasonal flowers (changing composition) where words often fall short when saying goodbye, this arrangement with this flower choice reflects your sadness and emotions

Funeral Flowers - My dear Sweetheart

A heart composed with red roses. A heart that exhibits a beautiful representation of the heart through the 3D method.

I miss you Funeral arrangement

The feeling of missing someone is not just gone and always stays. This style of funeral arrangement provides support for that feeling and shows it.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier I miss you

The feeling of being missed is not just gone and always stays. This Biedermeier style supports that feeling and shows it. Because you can. Cared for and delivered by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral Flowers - Silence cross

A cross of flowers that symbolizes the emptiness and silence that has now arisen in the lives of the bereaved.

Funeral bouquet Silence of white flowers

This bouquet of white funeral flowers exudes serene silence and tranquility. Composed with great love and craftsmanship by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral Spray Farewell teardrop-shape

A modest farewell, a goodbye, a See you, this Mourning funeral spray has all these messages in it

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Farewell

A funeral arrangement of modest white flowers in a round Biedermeier style. A wonderful arrangement for a modest farewell to a loved one.

Funeral bouquet "Farewell" on a vase composed.

A beautiful style of modest white flowers suited by the Fleurop Florist in the vase. A nice bouquet to offer comfort to the family with the processing of this loss.

Funeral Flowers - Silence words Hart-shape

A silent witness for a person who could say a lot with few words.

Funeral Spray Silence words

Sometimes silence is the only thing left to feel gentle tender love. This Mourning Piece in the combination of softer tones translates this moment. Cared for and Delivered by the Florist Florist

Funeral Spray | Embrace me | Funeral Florist The Netherlands

 The powerful colors of this funeral arrangement translate the power of a supportive embrace. Prepared and delivered by Fleurop Florist with the greatest care.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Embrace Me

The powerful colors of this atmospheric Biedermeier translate the power of a supportive embrace. Prepared and delivered by Fleurop Florist with the greatest care.

Full of life Funeral arrangement

A mourning bouquet that keeps love alive. A romantic soft appearance. Compiled with care and craftsmanship by the local FTD Florist.

Full of life Sympathy bouquet on a vase

A sympathy bouquet serves as comfort for the close family or friends in dealing with the large loss that they must process. On vase  with great care composed by othe Local FTD

Funeral Wreath Beautiful Moments

A stylish funeral wreath with a fresh color combination of orange and pink flower accents. The colors that symbolize the wonderful memories of the deceased.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover beautiful moments

A true blanket of colorful wild flowers that cover the mourning box with flowers.

Funeral Spray Casket display beautiful moments

A colorful atmosphere as a reminder of all beautiful moments. Beautiful moments - Half box cover can differ from the photo as flowers are natural products

Funeral Spray Beautiful moments Teardrop shape

The flowers in this beautiful funeral arrangement represent a colorful atmosphere as a reminder of all beautiful moments.

Funeral Spray biedermeier Beautiful moments

A colorful arrangement of a mixed combination of flower species as a reminder of the many beautiful moments of the deceased's life.

Funeral Spray Precious oval

The warm and colorful colors let you feel dear to you. A beautiful oval funeral piece for the funeral of a dear friend or family member.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Ajour

 A Casket cover made in Ajour style with a variety of shapes, materials and colors.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Calla

 A graceful wickerwork of Calla (Zanthedesia) and steel grass and Diplocyclos fruits forms a beautiful coffin cover,

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Vanda

A beautiful Coffin cover of Vanda Orchids, Pink roses, Hydrangea Flowers.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover mixed white flowers

A beautiful white mixed chest cover with, Orchids, Lilium, Rosa, Antirrhinum and assorted greens/foliage

Funeral bouquet delivered in the Netherlands

Our range of funeral or funeral flowers is based on styles. What kind of person was it? What did he or she like? The range is taken into account there. You will find more information about this: mourning and character.

When selecting the style, you will be taken to the funeral arrangements page. There you can choose the binding form, eg funeral bouquet, Biedermeier or casket cover.

Say goodbye. Whatever the circumstances, it is heavy and often incomprehensible. How do you say goodbye to someone for good, when you don't want that at all? We understand what such a moment means and would like to help to provide the best possible farewell. By making it personal. A farewell that really suits someone.

Funeral bouquet or spray with ribbon

Do you want to order a beautiful funeral bouquet with ribbon? Then you can add that to your order. After adding the funeral ribbon, you can enter text that you want to place on the funeral ribbon.


Order funeral flowers delivery in the Netherlands

We always deliver the funeral flowers to a location of your choice (including a church, funeral home or crematorium). So you don't have to pick up the funeral flowers yourself at the Fleurop florist. Our Fleurop florists ensure that the flowers are delivered at the right time and are at their best.

We do need some extra information during the ordering process. So keep the following information handy when ordering:

• Name of cemetery / funeral home / crematorium

• Name of the deceased

• Date and time of funeral

• Postal code and house number of the delivery location.

As indicated above, you can always add a funeral ribbon with your own text when ordering.

Do you have questions or do you have doubts about something? Chat with us or contact us via customer service.