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Purple flowers are mainly used for mourning, but also for dignity and seriousness. For example suitable for: funeral or condolence bouquet.

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Meaning of Purple flowers.

Purple flowers are generally associated with charm and elegance. Like the red flower, they can symbolize romance. Because of the age-old connections between the color purple and royalty, they are often used in ceremonies where pomp and circumstance are present.

Interesting to note, the purple hyacinth actually means "Please forgive me." It stems from a myth surrounding Apollo and Hyacinthus. As the story goes, Apollo killed Hyacinthus. So today the purple hyacinth stands for apology.

Three of the most popular purple flowers to give or receive are hyacinths, clematis and irises.

Hyacinth, affection, fortitude, gratitude
Clematis, ingenuity
Irises courage, faith, hope, wisdom

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