Traditional Bouquets

Would you like to order a beautiful and traditional bouquet of flowers?

Traditional bouquets are recognizable by their binding, arranged in a round shape and the symmetrical way of placing the flowers in the bouquet. In this binding style, the bouquet often has a compact composition. The traditional bouquets are expertly arranged and delivered by the local florist.

Traditional bouquet of flowers.

At Flowers.NL we offer a beautiful collection of traditional round tied bouquets that are perfect for any occasion. If you are looking for a classic and stylish bouquet, a traditional round tied bouquet is the perfect choice.

A traditional bouquet is a type of bouquet tied in a classic and elegant way. It usually consists of a combination of different flowers, including gerberas, chrysanthemums, roses, carnations and other flowers that match the season. The bouquet often has a round shape and is tied with a natural-looking rope, such as raffia.

At Flowers.NL we work with a wide range of flowers to put together our traditional bouquets. Some flowers that often appear in our traditional bouquets are:

  • Gerberas: These flowers come in many colors and sizes and have a bright, cheerful appearance.
    Chrysanthemums: These flowers have an elegant appearance and are perfect for creating a traditional bouquet.
    Roses: These timeless flowers add a touch of romance to the bouquet and are perfect for a special occasion.
    Carnations: These flowers have an informal and rustic look and add texture to the bouquet.

At Flowers.NL we make sure that our traditional bouquets are always composed with flowers of the highest quality, and we put them together with the utmost care and attention to detail. Order one of our beautiful traditional bouquets today and show someone how much you care with a classic and stylish bouquet!

A traditional bouquet is always a good idea.

Giving flowers is a way of showing affection. It's not for nothing that flowers are one of the nicest things to get. A traditional bouquet in a vase on the table brightens up the whole room and thus creates a cheerful atmosphere. In addition, flowers smell wonderful. Give a flower as a gift on a birthday, wedding day, Valentine's Day or just like that! A bouquet is the perfect way to show your parents, friends or loved one that you love and appreciate them. And if you've done something that someone else didn't like so much... a cheerful traditional bouquet is always a good way to say sorry!

Order a traditional bouquet.

Are you looking for the ideal gift for someone else or a beautiful decoration for your own home? At Flowers.NL you can order a beautiful traditional bouquet, containing the nicest flowers. Order your favorite modern bouquet directly online. Flowers.NL delivers flowers throughout the Netherlands. Oops... Forgot it's your mother-in-law's birthday today? Do not panic! If you order a Traditional Bouquet before 1pm today, we can deliver it today! Order a traditional bouquet directly at Flowers.NL.

Are you looking for a bouquet in a different style?

In addition to traditional bouquets, we also have modern bouquets, Field bouquets, Picking bouquets and tied bouquets.