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Our Funeral Florist designs, and creates with great care and Craftsmanship the most stunning Funeral wreaths.

There are various types of wreaths, including the memorial wreath and the funeral wreath. A commemorative wreath is usually bound classically with tightly inserted leaf material around one part of the wreath shape and a flower tuft on the other part. It is common to attach ribbons to the wreath, these can also stand or hang. We usually see the memorial wreath on days like the Remembrance Day of All Saints

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Wreaths for the funeral.

If you are looking for a sympathetic arrangement that stands out from the crowd, a funeral wreath is a wonderful addition to the memorial service. Wreaths of flowers are also suitable for viewings and the cemetery. But many people do not know that commemorative wreaths are designed using high-quality floral foam that retains water and keeps flowers fresh even after the funeral service has ended. Our Local Florist will take great care in arranging and delivering the funeral wreath

Funeral wreath, a ring of flowers.

Send a circular wreath of flowers to lift the spirits of everyone present, or a heart-shaped memorial wreath to express your love and dedication. Delivered by the local Florist in the Netherlands. Show that you have maintained your love for the deceased with a symbolic endless floral wreath. Choose the arrangement in a favorite color, or a mixed funeral wreath, full of fresh flowers. A commemorative wreath is a fitting tribute for men and women. Some mourning wreaths look very masculine, while others are light and feminine, such as our heart-shaped mourning wreaths.

Order a Funeral wreath.

Funeral wreaths are ideal for placing on or near the coffin of the deceased. A Funeral wreath has a round shape and is stuck in to floral foam, This will make sure that the flowers last longer. In our range you will find Funeral wreath in different  beautiful colors and with different types of flowers. Funeral wreath with roses, lilies or callas in white, pink or beautifully mixed colours. Add a personal message to the Funeral wreath on a funeral card or mourning ribbon. A mourning ribbon consists of two slips with your personal farewell text to the deceased.

Send a Funeral wreath. 

We deliver the Funeral wreath to any desired address in the Netherlands. You can order a Funeral wreath easily and securely online from us. Our professional flower designers turn every Funeral wreath into a beautiful masterpiece.

Other Funeral flower styles.

You can also choose another style of funeral flowers

How can I order a Funeral wreath?

During the ordering process of the Funeral wreath, we need some extra information. So when ordering the Funeral wreath, keep the following information at hand:

      • Name of cemetery / funeral home / crematorium
      • Name of the deceased
      • Date and time of funeral
      • Postal code and house number of the delivery location.

We always deliver the Funeral wreath to a location of your choice for example: a church, funeral home or crematorium. Our florists ensure that the flowers are delivered at the right time and that the Florist are at their very best.

When ordering a Funeral wreath, you can also add a funeral ribbon with your own texts. If you prefer no mourning ribbon when ordering the Funeral wreath, a personal mourning card may be the solution.

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