Funeral bouquets are a tribute that exudes sympathy. These bouquets are available in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Delivered everywhere in the Netherlands

Funeral mourning bouquets

A mourning bouquet is a 'lying bouquet' and ends up at the coffin at the funeral. Because a mourning bouquet gets no water (no floral foam is used) it is important that it is delivered by our local Fleurop Florist on the day of the funeral.

Design your own funeral bouquet

Create and design your bouquet of funeral flowers for delivery in the Netherlands. Our Florist will make with Craftmanship and great care your funeral bouquet.

Funeral bouquet white

a Funeral Bouquet presented lying. Flowers are combined in Groups. Designed and arranged with great care and Craftsmanship by our Local Florist


Funeral Bouquet spray

White Serene Flowers in a round bounded shape. We great care and Craftsmanship designed by our Locale Florist. Delivered at the funeral home or Church.

Funeral Bouquet Color full

This extraordinary mixed flower bouquet delivers your sympathy with a beauty and faith that reflects the love and loss you feel. The asymmetrical bouquet is hand-arranged by a local FTD florist

Full of life Funeral arrangement

A mourning bouquet that keeps love alive. A romantic soft appearance. Compiled with care and craftsmanship by the local FTD Florist.

Full of life Sympathy bouquet on a vase

A sympathy bouquet serves as comfort for the close family or friends in dealing with the large loss that they must process. On vase  with great care composed by othe Local FTD

Summer breeze Funeral bouquet

A beautifully composed mourning bouquet of summer flowers, an airy creation of flowers. Composed with great care and craftsmanship by our local Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Bouquet Hidden presence

A mourning bouquet that is symbolized by the special flower composition for your presence, sadness and love. Despite the fact that you cannot be present at the funeral.

Funeral bouquet Special Memories

A reflection of all the special memories you have of the deceased. Colorful, loving and special. Our Fleurop Florist puts this bouquet together with the greatest care and skill for you.

Funeral bouquet Silence of white flowers

This bouquet of white funeral flowers exudes serene silence and tranquility. Composed with great love and craftsmanship by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral bouquet "Farewell" on a vase composed.

A beautiful style of modest white flowers suited by the Fleurop Florist in the vase. A nice bouquet to offer comfort to the family with the processing of this loss.