A Funeral flower arrangement in Oval or Teardrop shape delivered by our local Florist in The Netherlands
Classic funerals almost always look very flowery, full and compact. The most commonly used style is a Drop shape. The flower choice is usually based on one main flower type supplemented with only a few by-materials - usually in a warm color or white tones - that is combined with various leaf types. Classic funeral arrangements are often drop-shaped or oval-shaped flower arrangements, without too many by-materials. A generously designed classic funeral piece is also very suitable as a casing cover.

Design your own funeral spray arrangement

Design a funeral arrangement by Style, price, colors and flowers of your wishes.

(The showed arrangement is available from  €275,00)

Funeral Spray White Oval Shape

An oval-shaped funeral piece in white tones, with white lilies as the main flower used. A modest funeral flower arrangement for a worthy and quiet farewell to a loved one.

Funeral Spray oval-shape Full of life

Keep love alive with this style of brightly colored soft colors.

Compiled with care and attention by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral Spray arrangement Roses in White Teardrop Shape

A classic funeral piece made of white roses in a drop shape. Often this drop is symbolized as a tear for the loss of a loved family member or friend. Cared for and delivered by the Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Spray Arrangement White oval elegance

Groups of flower types on line in white tones, combined with beautiful leaf types, make this funeral piece an elegant display during the funeral of a loved one.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval classic grouped

A classic piece is this funeral piece in white with blue accents on line and the flowers are incorporated in this oval-shaped arrangement in groups. Cared for and delivered by the Fleurop Florist.

Funeral Spray Arrangment Classic Red Roses in Oval shape

A timeless funeral piece with Red Roses in the lead role in an oval shape and combined with beautiful matching green materials from grasses.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Exotic Flower


A funeral piece that fits the funeral of a person with an exotic lifestyle. Someone who was always sunny and cheerful in life and radiated positivity. For a sunny and happy farewell.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Colorful oval

The power that this colorful arrangement, composed of different types of flowers, radiates is a symbol of the power of the deceased in her or his life. Rest in peace.

Funeral Spray Arrangement dynamic

 A stunningly beautiful arrangement with a nice dynamic appearance. Dynamic, powerful and at the same time fragile are some of the great features of this Funeral Piece.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval White Heaven

A White Sky full of Flowers that the arranger of this mourning arrangement wanted to bring about with this creation. Seasonal flowers in white tones beautifully brought together in this Funeral Piece

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval in Pinks

A tasteful classic oval mourning arrangement with flowers of the season I brought together this beautifully composed funeral piece. For the funeral of a dear friend or family member.

Funeral Spray Arrangement A Teardrop of roses

There is almost no tear of white roses, a more symbolic rendition of flowers of your sorrow. This mourning arrangement gives a nice interpretation of your emotions.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Oval white Large

White roses in combination with white Gerber's, together with white materials, form a blanket of flowers for the coffin of the deceased. For a flowery ceremony,

Funeral Spray Arrangement Warm red Oval

 A true blanket of warm red flowers with, among other things, roses and gerberas provide a beautiful cover for the mourning box. A nice mourning piece for saying goodbye to a loved one.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Tropical orange oval

Like a true tropical blanket of flowers, this cheerful orange-colored funeral piece reflects the beautiful character of the deceased with a true cocktail of flowers.

Funeral Spray Arrangement Stylistic Soft Pink


Funeral spray Gloriosa

Oval aligned, airy flower arrangement with bright colors and delicate materials. Due to the different types, the arrangement looks natural and field-like.

Funeral Spray arrangement Flowery Styled

The clean lines and shapes of this stylized mourning arrangement represent a very beautiful coffin cover with the sunny heart of sunflowers a beautiful funeral piece for a cheerful personality.

Funeral Spray Silence words

Sometimes silence is the only thing left to feel gentle tender love. This Mourning Piece in the combination of softer tones translates this moment. Cared for and Delivered by the Florist Florist

Funeral Spray Wonderful beauty in teardrop style

Pain and sorrow. No matter how hard a farewell can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful.

Funeral Spray Emotional closely

Emotions can be there. This style with combined roses keeps the feeling close. This mourning arrangement fits an emotional farewell to a dear friend or family member.

Funeral Spray Eternal nature

For a pure nature lover. A mourning arrangement from eternal nature that never stands still and is always moving and always brings something else to explore.

Funeral Spray Silence nature

As if you look out over a quiet landscape with the beautiful colors of wild flowers so naturally blended in color and type of composition. The perfect picture.

Funeral Spray Endless flowers

This style features the gentle tender love that remains infinitely large. Cared for and delivered by the Local Fleurop Florist.