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Order Flowers for on the Coffin

Coffin cover of flowers.

The coffin covering of flowers forms a beautiful decoration of a funeral coffin. That like a warm blanket of flowers lies on top of the coffin.

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Order coffin covers with flowers

Make a choice for the suitable flowers that suit the deceased for delivery in the . You can choose for flower coffin cover consisting of stylish roses, orchids or a specially composed flower arrangement in the color of your choice. In assortment you will find various beautiful box coverings. The flower coffin coverr ensures that the coffin is decorated and is a nice final gesture. Funeral arrangements, funeral bouquets and flower coffin cover are something personal and we are happy to ensure that this is taken care of to perfection.

The dimensions of a coffin/casket cover with flowers varies per product. If you want a smaller flower coffin cover, you can always contact us. We are happy to tailor the flower coffin cover for you.

Casket cover of flowers with ribbon

As a final greeting you can add a personal message on ribbon. You can add two slips with text to the flower arrangement. You usually have enough space to have your last greeting and any names printed on it.

Flower Coffin cover delivery on location

You can have your flower coffin cover delivered on location at the funeral home. We ensure that the flower casket/coffin cover is delivered neatly and on time to the agreed location. If you order before 13:00 we will deliver the flower casket/coffin cover the same day. in the Netherlands

How can I order a flower coffin cover?

During the ordering process of the flower coffin cover, we need some extra information. So when ordering the flower coffin cover, keep the following information at hand:

      • Name of cemetery / funeral home / crematorium
      • Name of the deceased
      • Date and time of funeral
      • Postal code and house number of the delivery location.

We always deliver the flower coffin coverpray to a location of your choice for example: a church, funeral home or crematorium. Our florists ensure that the flowers are delivered at the right time and that the Florist are at their very best.

When ordering a flower coffin cover, you can also add a funeral ribbon with your own texts. If you prefer no mourning ribbon when ordering the flower coffin cover, a personal mourning card may be the solution.

Do you have question sabout a flower coffin cover or are you in doubt about something? Contact our contact customer service.

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