Funeral Flowers - Flower Casket Covers

A large on-line assortment Coffin/Casket coverings with flowers, composed with great care and craftsmanship by the Local Florist. Your wishes can also be implemented.

Create your own funeral casket arrangement

Design a funeral arrangement by Style, price, colors and flowers of your wishes

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover colorful soft roses

Roses in various soft colors that cover the coffin like a blanket.

Coffin cover Red Naomi Roses

Red roses with green materials are connecting a beautiful cover of the coffin of the deceased.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Calla

 A graceful wickerwork of Calla (Zanthedesia) and steel grass and Diplocyclos fruits forms a beautiful coffin cover,

Funeral Flowers - Coffin Cover with white Avalanche roses

Large-flowered white Avalanche roses in combination with Asparagus and other green materials

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Vanda

A beautiful Coffin cover of Vanda Orchids, Pink roses, Hydrangea Flowers.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover mixed white flowers

A beautiful white mixed chest cover with, Orchids, Lilium, Rosa, Antirrhinum and assorted greens/foliage

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover beautiful moments

A true blanket of colorful wild flowers that cover the mourning box with flowers.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Ajour

 A Casket cover made in Ajour style with a variety of shapes, materials and colors.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Orchids

A Coffin cover in a composition of driftwood, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Hydrangea, Aechmea Flower  and Foliage.

Funeral Flowers - Emotional close

A special funeral arrangement in a tree bark (cork) composed with colorful flowers.

Funeral Flowers - Modern

A Timeless funeral arrangement made fro m dried stems of Fallopia (Japanese ~Knotweed) combined with Phalaenopsis Orchids and Gloriosa.

Funeral Spray | Wunderfull beauty in Casket Spray

Pain and sorrow. How heavy a farewell can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful with this box cover.

I miss you Funeral arrangement

The feeling of missing someone is not just gone and always stays. This style of funeral arrangement provides support for that feeling and shows it.

Order coffin covers with flowers

Make a choice for the suitable flowers that suit the deceased for delivery in the . You can choose for coffin cover consisting of stylish roses, orchids or a specially composed flower arrangement in the color of your choice. In assortment you will find various beautiful box coverings. The cover ensures that the coffin is decorated and is a nice final gesture. Funeral arrangements, funeral bouquets and box coverings are something personal and we are happy to ensure that this is taken care of to perfection.

The dimensions of a coffin/casket cover with flowers varies per product. If you want a smaller mourning arrangement, you can always contact us. We are happy to tailor the funeral arrangement for you.

Casket cover of flowers with ribbon

As a final greeting you can add a personal message on ribbon. You can add two slips with text to the flower arrangement. You usually have enough space to have your last greeting and any names printed on it.

Flower Coffin cover delivery on location

You can have your flower coffin cover delivered on location at the funeral home. We ensure that the flower casket/coffin cover is delivered neatly and on time to the agreed location. If you order before 13:00 we will deliver the flower casket/coffin cover the same day. in the Netherlands