Funeral Flowers - Wunderfull bear Funeral arrangement

A Little Teddy Bear is carrying a bundle of little flowers for the funeral.

Funeral Flowers - Baby star

A Small little star made with Hydrangea, Roses, Baby's breath,

Funeral Flowers - Hart of red roses

A floral funeral piece full with love in the shape of a Hart with red roses.

Funeral Flowers - Hart of white roses

An open Heart of white large-flowered roses in combination with baby's breath and green materials for a warm love.

Funeral Flowers - Pink Sweetheart

The pain of a heart-breaking loss of love for life is what this heart-shaped mourning stands for.

Funeral Flowers - Set of hearts

A set of hart with a combination of Dianthus and Aconithum  hand crafted by our Local Funeral Florist

Funeral Flowers - A great loss Heart

A great loss of the sweetest of your life is what this funeral piece stands for.

Funeral Flowers - Sweet heart white

A Small little Hart made from  an Orchid, Gypsophyla, and the smal littel white flowers from a  Kalanchoe plant.

Funeral Flowers - Modern

A Timeless funeral arrangement made fro m dried stems of Fallopia (Japanese ~Knotweed) combined with Phalaenopsis Orchids and Gloriosa.

Funeral Flower arrangement Butterfly

Funeral arrangement in the shape of a butterfly. This arrangement is about 65 cm/25 inches long.

Funeral Flowers - Twilight Butterfly

Twilight Butterfly Funeral arrangement with soft color tones. This arrangement is about 65 cm/25 inches long.

Funeral flowers - Familia

A set of conected Flowers Bowls that ar symbolic for the Family Members. Different variety of flowers possible.

Funeral Flowers - Silence words Hart-shape

A silent witness for a person who could say a lot with few words.

Funeral Flowers - Great Sadness Star

A Star full of Sadness is made symbolic with this beautiful funeral arrangement.

Funeral Flowers - Emotional close

A special funeral arrangement in a tree bark (cork) composed with colorful flowers.

Funeral Flowers - My dear Sweetheart

A heart composed with red roses. A heart that exhibits a beautiful representation of the heart through the 3D method.

Funeral Flowers - Eternal nature hart

An eternal love for nature is what this heart shape mourning funeral arrangement stands for.

Funeral Spray Eternal nature

For a pure nature lover. A mourning arrangement from eternal nature that never stands still and is always moving and always brings something else to explore.

Funeral Flowers - Silence cross

A cross of flowers that symbolizes the emptiness and silence that has now arisen in the lives of the bereaved.

Funeral Flowers - Coffin cover Orchids

A Coffin cover in a composition of driftwood, phalaenopsis Orchids, Hydrangea, Aechmea Flower  and Foliage.

Order coffin covers with flowers

Make a choice for the suitable flowers that suit the deceased for delivery in the . You can choose for coffin cover consisting of stylish roses, orchids or a specially composed flower arrangement in the color of your choice. In assortment you will find various beautiful box coverings. The cover ensures that the coffin is decorated and is a nice final gesture. Funeral arrangements, funeral bouquets and box coverings are something personal and we are happy to ensure that this is taken care of to perfection.

The dimensions of a coffin/casket cover with flowers varies per product. If you want a smaller mourning arrangement, you can always contact us. We are happy to tailor the funeral arrangement for you.

Casket cover of flowers with ribbon

As a final greeting you can add a personal message on ribbon. You can add two slips with text to the flower arrangement. You usually have enough space to have your last greeting and any names printed on it.

Flower Coffin cover delivery on location

You can have your flower coffin cover delivered on location at the funeral home. We ensure that the flower casket/coffin cover is delivered neatly and on time to the agreed location. If you order before 13:00 we will deliver the flower casket/coffin cover the same day. in the Netherlands