Youthful - Funeral Flowers

You were young. In age or in spirit. That youthfulness shaped your life and defined who you were. Forever Young.

Funeral Flowers - Wunderfull bear Funeral arrangement

A Little Teddy Bear is carrying a bundle of little flowers for the funeral.

Funeral bouquet Special Memories

A reflection of all the special memories you have of the deceased. Colorful, loving and special. Our Fleurop Florist puts this bouquet together with the greatest care and skill for you.

Funeral Spray | Wunderfull beauty in Casket Spray

Pain and sorrow. How heavy a farewell can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful with this box cover.

Funeral Spray Wonderful beauty in teardrop style

Pain and sorrow. No matter how hard a farewell can be, this style makes it dignified and wonderfully beautiful.

Funeral Spray Silence words

Sometimes silence is the only thing left to feel gentle tender love. This Mourning Piece in the combination of softer tones translates this moment. Cared for and Delivered by the Florist Florist

Funeral Flowers - Great Sadness Star

A Star full of Sadness is made symbolic with this beautiful funeral arrangement.

Funeral Flowers - Silence words Hart-shape

A silent witness for a person who could say a lot with few words.

Funeral Flowers - Twilight Butterfly

Twilight Butterfly Funeral arrangement with soft color tones. This arrangement is about 65 cm/25 inches long.

Funeral Spray Biedermeier Great Sadness

An arrangement in pink tones with seasonal flowers (changing composition) where words often fall short when saying goodbye, this arrangement with this flower choice reflects your sadness and emotions