You surrounded yourself with conviviality. Classic styles appealed to you the most. A romantic type full of love and attention.

Full of life Sympathy bouquet on a vase

A sympathy bouquet serves as comfort for the close family or friends in dealing with the large loss that they must process. On vase  with great care composed by othe Local FTD

Funeral Spray oval-shape Full of life

Keep love alive with this style of brightly colored soft colors.

Compiled with care and attention by the Local Fleurop Florist

Funeral Spray Arrangement Stylistic Soft Pink


Funeral Spray Emotional closely

Emotions can be there. This style with combined roses keeps the feeling close. This mourning arrangement fits an emotional farewell to a dear friend or family member.

Funeral Spray Thank full oval-shape

With this funeral piece, soft pink with white provides a tender feeling of gratitude

Funeral Flowers - Emotional close

A special funeral arrangement in a tree bark (cork) composed with colorful flowers.

Funeral Flowers - Touching close connection

A connected set of round pastel colored flower bulbs that symbolize Family Members. Different variety of flowers possible.

Funeral Flowers - Hart of red roses

A floral funeral piece full with love in the shape of a Hart with red roses.