Styles & character for funeral flowers

Of course, saying goodbye, whatever the circumstances, is emotionally heavy and often incomprehensible. After all, how do you say goodbye to someone for good when you don't want to? We are happy to help you choose a suitable funeral arrangement.

Below we give a short overview of the different styles in funeral flower arrangements

Modest funeral flowers

You didn't like to be the first in line. No hassle for you. You were someone who was easily satisfied with small things and enjoyed them in silence. A beautiful, humble person.
Modest Funeral Flowers

Colorful funeral flowers

It couldn't be colorful enough for you. That's how you lived your life. Exuberant and full of joy. You were a bon vivant who brought color to everything you encountered.

Colorful Funeral Flowers

Nature funeral flowers

You loved nature. In all its splendor. Outside, that's where you wanted to be. You felt at ease there. That is why you often bring the outside in. A natural person through and through.
Naturel Funeral Flowers

Romantic funeral flowers

You surrounded yourself with conviviality. Classic styles appealed to you the most. A romantic type full of love and attention.
Romanticl Funeral Flowers

Youghtful funeral Flowers

You were young. In age or in spirit. That youthfulness shaped your life and defined who you were. Forever Young.
Youghtful funeral Flowers

Sympathy Flowers

During a sad period, sending condolence flowers, also known as a sympathy bouquet, is a kind way to let them know that your thoughts are with them.
Sympathy Funeral Flowers

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Flower arrangement with a story

A personal funeral bouquet tells the story of the deceased. On the basis of a number of personal characteristics of the deceased or experiences from life, character or hobbies, you select an appropriate funeral bouquet. A colorful flower arrangement for a cheerful, passionately lived life. Or a classic and modest funeral bouquet because it suits the deceased. A natural funeral arrangement for the true nature lover and for a romantic person, the youthful and cheerful appearance should certainly not be forgotten. A nice tip is to pick flowers yourself, from the garden of the deceased or another meaningful place of your own. This gives an extra personal touch.

We at Flowers.NL can also help arrange a small bouquet or arrangement for the box, chosen by, for example, the (grand) children. We can also arrange for loose flowers to be present at the funeral so that those present at the ceremony can place them on the coffin.

What can you do with the flowers after a funeral?

At a funeral, mourning pieces and funeral flowers are placed on the grave. In the case of a cremation, it is possible to leave the flowers at the crematorium. You can also take the funeral bouquets with you. These are often placed on the graves of deceased loved ones. As a reminder you can also make small bouquets of them and distribute them among the next of kin.

Flowers help with grief

After the funeral, it can help with the mourning process by getting started with the mourning flowers. Drying the flowers is one of the many options. The flowers can thus be given a permanent place in a beautiful place in the house. As a potpourri in a bowl on the table or as a dried bouquet hanging on the wall. Flowers can also be beautifully incorporated into a painting or jewellery. There are plenty of tips on the internet on how best to do this. And do you want a beautiful memory in the garden next year? You can dry the seeds of some flowers and replant them.