Autumn characterizes the passing of summer and during this period the most beautiful colors appear in nature. Our florists give substance to this period with the most beautiful bouquets.

   Autumn bouquets are only available from September - November.

Bouquet Evening glow + Vase

 This bouquet is highly recommended. The most beautiful flowers, tight composition and a beautiful vase make this a great combination! A bouquet that you will not soon forget. Incl. vase.

Mystic violet flowers

A Classic and pretty bouquet of flowers in lilac colors

Anthurium, Roses, Clematis

Bouquet Sundown

This Red/Purple bouquet is symbolic for the Sundown on a nice summer day

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet Autumn time

A autumn bouquet in traditional style

Delivered by a local florist


Bouquet pink autumn colors

Bright pink colors will give a warm feeling to someone

Delivered by a local florist


Bouquet Warm Autumn

Bring the warm colors of autumn in someones livingroom.

Delivered by our local florist


Bouquet Summersun

This warm summer bouquet shines like the summer sun and will certainly leave a beautiful impression.

Including a matching glass vase,

Bouquet summer day

Enjoy the beauty of summer

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet soft purple

Soft purple colors give an extra dimension to this bouquet Delivered by a local florist

Bouquet October

The Chrysanthemum is a symbol of luck and loyalty, honesty and friendship. The Perfect flower for the bouquet of the month.


Bouquet summer evening

A powerful floral gift 

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet Evening Walk

Although you often want to stay indoors in the fall, a nice evening walk will do you good. A breath of fresh air and enjoy nature. This bouquet provides the same pleasant feeling after an evening walk (excl. vase)