Summertime Flowers

Our bouquets with summer flowers are carefully composed by our florist. All our bouquets come with a guarantee that they will stay fresh for at least 7 days.
Summer bouquets are only available form June to August

Month bouquet August

This cool monthly bouquet is a real eye-catcher. August is the month of the sunflower and it is not to be missed. (Vase is optional)

Bouquet Lovely summer

Summer can be so nice. With this radiant bouquet you immediately bring that wonderful summer feeling into your home.

Warm Summer Colors +wine

 A bouquet full of warm summer colors delivered together with a bottle of Castel Firmian Teroldego Rotalliano from Italie.

Bouquet Fluffy field flowers

A fresh and  fluffy bouquet of field flowers to enjoy summer

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet colorful Picked

Like a meadow with flowers is the expression of this picking bouquet.

Composition of flowers may vary due to seasonal influences

Bouquet Embrace

This bouquet of white and blue flowers to give that warm distance hug for those  difficult moments. 

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet "Fiery summer"

When you get this bouquet. with, among other things, sunflowers, see, you can no longer ignore a fiery summer. The warm tones impress in a special way.

Bouquet Sunbeam

Mixed Summer flowers in this handpicked bouquet

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet Unique Surprise

This bouquet is definitely a unique surprise. You are sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face with this bouquet.

Bouquet Sea of Flowers

 A true sea of ​​flowers, you won't see them as beautiful as this bouquet. Who could you make happy?

Bouquet Seasonal Surprise

A beautiful seasonal bouquet, composed of the most beautiful flowers that the season has to offer, selected and bound by the local professional florist. Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, you can be sure it will be a great surprise

Bouquet Sweet temptation

A strikingly colorful bouquet of flowers that exudes the taste of sweet temptation.

Bouquet Sugar Sweet + Vaas

A nice sweet bouquet that shines and creates a real surprise.

Bouquet Romantic pink

A romantic hydrangea bouquet in a beautiful soft pink hue. A gem to give!

Bouquet Summer sun

This warm summer bouquet shines like the summer sun and will certainly leave a beautiful impression.

Including a matching glass vase,

Bouquet extravagant

If something extravagant may be celebrated, give this cheerful bouquet.

Bouquet Sweet love

A cheerful bouquet with flowers in soft tones.

Bouquet Color explosion

This bouquet creates an enchantment with its sparkle and splendor.

Bouquet Summer Feeling

The Feeling of summer starts with this mixed bouquet.

Bouquet flaming sun

A fiery bouquet for a true warrior or passionate person.

Bouquet white temptation

This radiant white bouquet of flowers shows the simplicity of pure seduction.

Bouquet passion

 Passion and passion is what this bouquet breathes. A real attention grabber that you won't soon forget.

Bouquet summer breeze

A colorful bouquet of summer flowers like a summer breeze

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet Summer butterflies

The intense colors of this bouquet can give you those butterfly feelings.

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet vacation love

Share to most memorable moments of this vacation with someone you love.

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet late summer evening

A late summer evening is the expression of this bouquet. Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet Late Summer day

Enjoy the summer with this beautiful lilac / purple bouquet

Bouquet soft wind

A tasteful bouquet in soft color tones

Delivered by our local Florist


The atmosphere of this beautiful and colorful city in France will bring a feeling of bing there with these flower. Combination of flowers may vary.

Vase not included

Hip hip Hurray, I passed my exam

This milestone is needing some attentions with these flowers.

Delivered by our local Florist