Tulip bouquets

Send a Bouquet or a bunch of Tulips.

Flower Calender The Tulip season runs from January to April.

Who doesn't love tulips? A beautiful time of the year that makes us long for good weather and summer.

By ordering tulips and having them delivered by the Fleurop Florist, you literally bring spring into someone's home.


Send Tulips

It's tulip time! From January to April there are again plenty of tulips. Especially for this period we have made a selection of bouquets with tulips and of course there are also mono bouquets with only tulips. Be quick, because before you know it, the season is already over!

Order your bouquet before 13:00, then it will be delivered personally today.

Where does the name come from?

Almost everyone thinks it is a very Dutch flower, but actually it is from Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. The Tulip is also named after the turban. Originally, the tulip is named: Tulipan. That means turban.

The Netherlands and the Tulip

As said before, the Tulip is not originally from the Netherlands. That does not mean that 'our' tulips are now world famous. The Netherlands is therefore the world leader when it comes to the export of tulips and tulip bulbs.

Every year in the spring in the well-known Keukenhof a beautiful exhibition of millions of tulips is made. It is definitely recommended to admire all the beautiful tulips!

Buy tulips

All our Fleurop florists always have beautiful, fresh tulips of the best quality in stock from January to April. So you can safely order a bouquet of Tulips via Flowers.NL, even if you want them delivered on the same day! We have an extensive range of beautiful bouquets with tulips. Order a bouquet of Tulips before 1 p.m. (on working days) or 12 noon (on Saturdays) and the bouquets with Tulips will be personally delivered the same day.

Our tulip varieties

More than two billion tulips are produced in the Netherlands every year. These tulips can be distinguished in different types.

Single Tulip: The most famous and popular tulip out there. The standard single tulip with only a few petals is available in almost all colors of the rainbow.

Double tulip: When you compare this tulip variety with the single tulip, it has many more petals. In addition, the flower looks very much like a rose or peony. Extremely beautiful and special.

Parakeet tulip or parrot tulip: This is really the absolute 'eye-catcher' of the tulips. The different colored petals distinguish this tulip by far from other varieties. In addition to the different colours, the petals also often have serrated edges and distortions.

Fringed tulips: Just like the parakeet tulip, this one is also a fringed tulip and makes this a particularly beautiful specimen. With beautiful bright colors and the serrated edge, this tulip is really a flower that can get anyone excited.

Giving tulips as a gift

Giving tulips as a gift is of course always a good idea due to their popularity. However, you can make giving a tulip even more special by adding a beautiful card with a special personal message.

When ordering the tulip, add your personal message to the order. Let the recipient know why he or she deserves these beautiful flowers and make their day even more beautiful. It is also possible to add a nice bottle of wine or a box of chocolate bonbons to your order!

How to make the tulip surprise extra special?

Add a nice vase, Prosecco, chocolate or stuffed animal. The Fleurop gift range is carefully composed with high-quality products! The bouquets are composed by the local Fleurop florist. If you order your bouquet before 1 p.m., the flowers will be personally delivered today.

The meaning of different tulip colors.

Also with tulip bouquets it is true that tulips with a certain color also have a certain meaning. Therefore, order tulips with a meaning in the right color. This way you not only ensure that you have someone receive a beautiful bouquet of tulips, but you also ensure that they receive the right message.