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Send a bunch of "Orange tulips".

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Royal orange bouquet of tulips with green materials. It is almost impossible to get more typically Dutch. The tulip is our Dutch symbol that we are proud of, especially in the orange color. Royal orange bouquet of tulips with green materials. It is almost impossible to get more typically Dutch. The tulip is our Dutch symbol that we are proud of, especially in the orange colour. Give someone warmth and energy with our striking bouquet of orange tulips. These colorful flowers are sure to impress and add a radiant look to any room. Order online and have the bouquet delivered to the address of your choice. Make someone feel loved and cheerful with this bouquet of orange tulips  

Composition: a.o. Orange Tulips and greens.

Vase is optional


bloemen agenda Our range of tulips is available from January to April. Outside this season, our Florist do not have tulips in their assortment.

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Prices are inclusive of VAT and excluded € 8.95 delivery and handling costs. The shown example of the bouquet/arrangement is the medium size. Flowers are a natural product, the bouquets delivered may vary in color and composition due to seasonal and availability influences. Subject to changes and (printing) errors. All times mentioned are Local Dutch times.

Tulip Care tips

A few tips so the recipient can enjoy the orange Tulips for a longer time.

What do you pay attention to when purchasing or receiving tulips.

Vase selection.

Use a clean vase with fresh water. Tulips tend to absorb bacteria more quickly than some other flowers, so it is important to clean the vase regularly.

Cutting the stems.

Cut the stems diagonally with a sharp knife. This increases the surface area so that the tulips can absorb water.

Water height.

Make sure that the stems of the tulips are covered with sufficient water. Fill the vase regularly with fresh water to prevent it from drying out.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

- Place the vase with tulips in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. This helps keep the flowers fresh longer.

Avoid leaves in the water.

- Remove leaves that would be submerged in water as this may promote bacterial growth.

Use cut flower food.

Use cut flower food according to the instructions on the packaging. This helps extend the life of the tulips and promotes bud opening.

Some frequently asked questions about orange tulips and their answers.

  • How long do orange tulips stay fresh in the vase?

With proper care, orange tulips can stay fresh for about 7-10 days.

  • Why do my tulips bend quickly?

Tulips tend to grow towards the light, so place the vase in a place where they get enough light. If they are already bent, gently tie them together with a ribbon and place them in lukewarm water for a few hours.

  • Do I need to cut the tulips before placing them in the vase?

Yes, cut the tulips diagonally before placing them in the vase. This increases the surface area for water absorption.

  • Can tulips be placed in the same vase as other flowers?

Yes, but avoid combining tulips with daffodils in the same vase because the sap of daffodils makes the water poisonous to tulips. It is better to use separate vases for different types of flowers.

With these tips and answers you can hopefully enjoy your orange tulips in the vase to the fullest!

Make sure that they are fresh tulips with closed buds or only slightly opened flowers. Avoid tulips with discolored or wilted leaves.

Small: The assembled bouquet is smaller than the bouquet shown in the photo.

Medium: This bouquet corresponds to the size of the bouquet shown in the photo.

Large: Our expert florist will expand this bouquet while maintaining the same colors and style as the bouquet shown.

XL (Extra Large): A generous and striking presentation that exceeds the previous sizes, with even more flowers and fragrance than the bouquet shown.

Remark For purchasing flowers our florists are dependent on auction prices, and the purchasing price of flowers increases due to market forces. As a result, it may unfortunately happen that the purchase price of some bouquets and roses around holidays and important occasions for flower gifts, such as Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, Mother's Day, or as a result of market conditions, is higher than what you are normally used to from us. This can result in a reduced amount of flowers in the bouquets.