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The "Soft Pastel" Funeral Wreath is a beautiful and subtle funeral wreath specially made to pay tribute to the one we have lost. With its soft pastel colors and flowers, this funeral wreath symbolizes the delicacy and tenderness of the deceased. The funeral wreath is made of a mix of flowers such as roses, lilies and carnations in delicate pastel colors, which show the mourning in a soft and subtle way. The openwork pattern in the wreath gives an extra touch of elegance. This funeral wreath is a wonderful way to show our mourning and create a lasting memory of the deceased. The Funeral Wreath "Soft Pastel" is a choice for those who are looking for a funeral wreath that has a subtle and delicate look.

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We make the funeral wreath "Soft Pastel" with green materials and various Soft Pastel flowers. Due to the availability of flowers, it is possible that the funeral wreath may differ slightly from the photo. Nevertheless, we try to imitate the funeral wreath "Soft Pastel" as well as possible as shown on the example.You can also easily add a printed ribbon by entering the text in the option-box: printed ribbon..

Funeral wreath "Soft Pastel" is placed by the funeral director on a special stand behind or near the funeral box. These 'stands' are present in almost all funeral centers in the Netherlands. Because the flowers in funeral wreath "Soft Pastel" are placed on floral foam, the flowers can absorb water for 2-3 days. This depends on the ambient temperature and the type of flowers used in the piece. We recommend that you have the package delivered a maximum of 2 days before the funeral ceremony. This ensures that the funeral wreath "Soft Pastel" looks its best during the funeral.

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Prices include VAT and exclude € 8.95 shipping and handling costs. The image shown is the medium bouquet/arrangement. Our bouquets and arrangements are hand tied or processed and personally made by a local florist. They may therefore differ slightly from the image, in color and composition, depending on the season, fluctuating purchase prices and availability. Changes and (printing) errors reserved.
All times mentioned are Local Dutch times.

Where to deliver?

It is custom in the Netherlands to have funeral flowers delivered to the address where the deceased is laid out. This can be a home address, a funeral home or crematorium. The funeral attendant ensures that the flowers go to the ceremonies such as condolence and funeral.

When to  deliver?

You choose a delivery date yourself, however  to get a complete picture, we also ask the date and time of the funeral (if known). The water supply in the floral foam is limited. That is why we advise to deliver a few days before the ceremony.

This way you can be sure that the flowers are beautiful at the ceremony.

What to write?

In the case of funeral flowers, you should direct the text to the deceased. You can think of a personal text or more standard texts like A Last Greeting or Rest in Peace. Do not forget to mention the sender. When ordering, you can choose a printed ribbon or a card.

Daily available for personal advice.

Choosing flowers for a funeral is very personal. We have a wide range of funeral work and it is also possible to process your personal wishes in an to a funeral flower arrangement. We always handle orders for a funeral or funeral with extra care and urgency. For questions or advice you can always call us 085-2732330, email or send a WhatsApp message for a quick response also on weekends.

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Standard Size approx:55cm
Medium Size: approx:65cm
Large Size: approx:75cm

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