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Is the leading florist for the most stunning flower arrangements and bouquets, which are hand-delivered with care in Amsterdam.
The flowers are personally handed over.

Complete your flower gift for Amsterdam complete with a matching glass vase or a gift box from Rituals to make your gift even more special.

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Fresh flowers for Amsterdam

Since the local florist in Amsterdam Only uses the best quality flowers, therefore the florist gives you the guarantee that the flowers will stay beautiful in the vase for at least 7 days.

It is very important that the recipient takes good care of the bouquet. In addition to care tips, the florist adds a sachet of FREE cut flower food.
Our Florist in Amsterdam This florist is regularly audited to ensure it meets Fleurop's high standards for quality and sustainability.

  • ✓ The quality of the delivered products.
  • ✓ Handeling the order process.
  • ✓ The delivery of flowers.
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Flowers Amsterdam

Our creative and unique flower arrangements are sure to deliver a good feeling, including in Amsterdam. Not every town in the Netherlands has a local florist, in such cases our nearest florist in the area will take care of the delivery for flowers in Amsterdam. We trust the local florist to use their expertise in creating and delivering our bouquets for Amsterdam.

The Florist for Amsterdam will ensure timely delivery of the bouquet to the recipient in Amsterdam together with a personal card.

Ordering flowers in Amsterdam is easy fast and reliable.

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Our Flower Delivery Service Amsterdam

Experience the utmost convenience of our flower delivery service, making it simpler than ever to send love and affection to your beloved ones in Amsterdam. No matter the occasion - be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any special event, our carefully designed floral arrangements serve as the ideal way to convey your emotions. Explore our diverse collection, pick your favorite bouquet, and leave the rest to us. Our proficient team of florists will meticulously arrange and swiftly deliver your chosen bouquet, ensuring a seamless experience.

Florist Amsterdam will deliver your flower-gift for Amsterdam with great care.

Populair bouquets for Amsterdam

Bouquet Good Luck

Bouquet Good Luck  Amsterdam

from € 34,95

Order Good Luck

Bouquet Nicely White

Bouquet Mooi wit versturen

from € 32,95

Order Nicely White

Bouquet Colour Explosion

Bouquet Colour Explosion Amsterdam

from € 49,95

Order Colour Explosion

Bouquet Eyecatcher

Bouquet Eyecatcher Amsterdam

from € 29,95

Order Eyecatcher

Explore our complete range of seasonal bouquets

Send green plant to Amsterdam

Transform Amsterdam into a lush green sanctuary of exquisite plants! If you seek a dependable and convenient method to acquire and have a green plant delivered to Amsterdam, look no further than the esteemed fleurop florist in Amsterdam. Whether you desire a splendid addition to your own space or a thoughtful present for someone dear, a green plant effortlessly infuses any area with the allure of nature's beauty. Trust Florist Amsterdam for your plant delivery needs!.

Florist Amsterdam - Flower Shop Amsterdam the best FLORIST for Amsterdam

Top Favorite Green plants for Amsterdam.

Green plant

Green plant Amsterdam

from € 19,95

Order a Green plant

Strelitzia plant

Send Strelitzia plant

from € 79,95

Order a Strelitzia plant

Grass lily

Grass lily Amsterdam

from € 24,95

Order a Grass Lily

Pancake plant

Pancake plant with pot Amsterdam

from € 29,95

Order a Pancake plant

Search our complete range of Green plants

Flowering plants for Amsterdam

Discover the wonders of our online flower shop in Amsterdam, where you can do more than just order beautiful bouquets – we also offer delivery services for exquisite flowering plants within Amsterdam. At Florist Amsterdam, whether you're in search of a colorful and sustainable gift or desire to enhance your own abode with the lively splendor of flowers, we have everything you need. Experience the convenience of flower delivery in Amsterdam with us and brighten up any occasion or space with our fresh and captivating floral offerings.

Florist Amsterdam - Flower Shop Amsterdam the best FLORIST for Amsterdam

The most beautiful flowering plants for Amsterdam


Hortensia Amsterdam

from € 29,95

Order a Hortensia


Anthurium plant delivery for Amsterdam

from € 34,95

Order a Anthurium

Bromelia - Guzmania

Bromelia - Guzmania delivery for Amsterdam

from € 24,95

Order a Bromelia

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid Amsterdam deliveryn

from € 29,95

Order a Orchid

Explore our assortment offlowering plants

Special bouquets for Amsterdam

Explore our diverse selection of delightful surprise bouquets, available for delivery in Amsterdam. With a simple and swift ordering process, you can easily select and have your chosen bouquet delivered right to Amsterdam. In the event that the recipient is unavailable at their residence during the flower delivery in Amsterdam, we make every effort to deliver the order to one of their neighbors, leaving the recipient a notification by mail. Should the neighbors also be away, the note will contain clear instructions for the recipient to ensure a smooth delivery experience. Count on us for seamless flower delivery services in Amsterdam.

Florist Amsterdam - Flowers Amsterdam the best FLORIST for Amsterdam

Most sold special bouquets for Amsterdam

Bouquet Subliem

Bouquet Subliem Amsterdam

from € 49,95

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Soft Roses

Soft Roses Amsterdam bezorgen

from € 39,95

Order bouquet

Lovely Red roses

Lovely red roses Amsterdam bezorgen

from € 24,95

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Bouquet Magnificent

Bouquet Magnificent Amsterdam bezorgen

from € 49,95

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Look here for our beautiful collection bouquets for delivery in Amsterdam

Florist Amsterdam also delivers bouquets and gifts

For those seeking to send a delightful surprise to someone in Amsterdam, our gift sets are a perfect choice. With our flower delivery service in Amsterdam, we present an exclusive assortment of bouquets paired with exquisite champagne or wines, complemented by delectable chocolate bonbons. As an added surprise, you'll often find charming hugs in the form of bears or Miffy dolls. Place your order for flowers in Amsterdam and have them delivered with the utmost care and thoughtfulness. Let your special gesture bring joy and happiness to your loved ones in Amsterdam.

Florist Amsterdam - Flower Shop Amsterdam the best FLORIST for Amsterdam

The best gift sets for Amsterdam

Gift-set Red roses

Gift-set Red roses Amsterdam

from € 115,85

Order Gift-set

Gift-set Baby Boy

Gift-set Geboort Amsterdam bezorgen

from € 169,95

Order Gift-set

Gift-set Baby Girl

Gift-set zachte tinten Amsterdam bezorgen

from € 174,95

Order Gift-set

Gift-set Lovingly

Gift-set Lovingly Amsterdam bezorgen

from € 75,85

Order Gift-set

Look here for our beautiful collection Gift-sets for delivery in Amsterdam

Roses for Amsterdam

Sending roses to Amsterdam has never been more convenient. Our platform allows you to easily order the most exquisite rose bouquets, and the local florist in Amsterdam will ensure same-day delivery to any destination within the city. Rest assured that the roses will be delivered in their freshest state, maintaining their beauty and charm. Moreover, the florist extends a 7-day vase guarantee for all rose bouquets delivered in Amsterdam and the nearby vicinity, ensuring your floral gift stays vibrant and lovely for days to come.

Florist Amsterdam - Flower Shop Amsterdam the best FLORIST for Amsterdam

Bouquets with roses for Amsterdam

Red Roses

Red Roses Amsterdam

from € 19,95

Order Red Roses

Pink Roses

Pink Roses versturen

from € 19,95

Order Pink Roses

White Roses

White Roses Amsterdam

from € 19,95

Order White Roses

Mixed Roses

Mixed Roses Amsterdam

from € 19,95

Order Mixed Roses

More beautiful fresh roses for Amsterdam

What do our customers say?

A selection of quotes from some of our customers from around the world.

"I was blown away by the quality and beauty of the flowers I received from Amsterdam. Thank you for the lovely bouquet!"

profile picture
Leah Martinez
Summit NJ - USA

"'s arrangements are always elegant and tasteful. Amsterdam Thank you for the lovely bouquet!"

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Lauren Kim

"I was impressed with the high quality of the flowers I ordered from Amsterdam. She was delighted with the beautiful bouquet."

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Sebastian Mitchell

"Flowers Amsterdam "The flowers I received from were the perfect way to say ""thank you.""""

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Caleb Davis
Salvador - Brasil

Frequently asked questions: Send flowers Amsterdam

After placing the order, you will automatically receive a track and trace update of the order in your mailbox on the day of delivery. This way you can always see whether your order has been delivered by the florist Amsterdam.

More info about our Track & Trace.

Flowers Amsterdam.

The rule applies to most places in the Netherlands; ordered before 13:00 is delivered the same day. An exception to this are the the cities and towns on the Wadden Islands.

When ordering funeral arrangements, the florist in Amsterdam needs additional information to deliver the funeral arrangements at the right time and to the right location. That is why we ask for the delivery date and funeral date when delivering funeral work to a funeral home.

Here you can order Funeral bouquets en Funeral Flowers easily and fast.

Send Flowers Amsterdam.

Would you like to surprise someone with a unique, tailor-made bouquet? Of course you can. Then let our Local professional florist make a tailor-made bouquet based on your wishes. Choose price, color and style.

Order flowers Amsterdam.

Flowers are a natural product and bouquets and flower arrangements are always composed with care and attention by the florist who delivers in Amsterdam. As a result, each bouquet is unique and is composed as much as possible on the basis of the image.
The bouquets on are depicted in medium format. The bouquet you order for Amsterdam is always delivered according to value. This means that the value of the flowers included in the bouquet corresponds to the order value.

How to order flowers for today in Amsterdam

Order easily and quickly via Flowers.NL. Your online florist for flower delivery throughout the Netherlands

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Expressing Emotions Through Exquisite Blooms

Flower Delivery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nestled in the picturesque Netherlands, Amsterdam is a town brimming with charm and character. Its cobblestone streets, meandering canals, and quaint houses create an enchanting backdrop for life's most precious moments. And what better way to celebrate these moments than with the language of flowers? Our local florists understand the profound impact that a thoughtfully arranged bouquet can have, and they are dedicated to helping you convey your emotions, one petal at a time.Flowers hold a unique power – they express feelings that words often struggle to articulate. Whether it's the jubilant burst of color that signifies joy, the gentle blush of a rose that whispers love, or the serene elegance of a lily that offers sympathy, each bloom carries a message that transcends language barriers. Our local florists in Amsterdam have honed their craft to perfection, infusing every arrangement with heartfelt emotions.

When you choose our flower delivery service in Amsterdam, you're not just selecting a bouquet; you're entrusting us with your sentiments. Our florists pour their creativity and expertise into every design, ensuring that each arrangement is a work of art that resonates with the emotions you wish to convey. Every stem is carefully chosen, every color palette meticulously crafted, and every arrangement thoughtfully assembled to create an experience that goes beyond mere flower delivery.

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, expressing gratitude, extending condolences, or simply letting someone know you care, our local florist ifor Amsterdam has an array of options to suit every occasion. From exuberant sunflowers that radiate positivity to elegant orchids that symbolize refinement, our collection spans a spectrum of emotions. Our experts will help you choose the perfect arrangement, customized to match the recipient's personality and the sentiment you wish to share.

What sets our flower delivery service apart is our commitment to the local community in Amsterdam. Our florists are not just skilled artisans; they are also your neighbors. They understand the significance of each bloom in the context of your town's unique culture and traditions. When you order from us, you're supporting local businesses and contributing to the tapestry of Amsterdam's vibrant community.

magine the delight on your loved one's face as they receive a surprise delivery of vibrant tulips, delicate daisies, or fragrant roses, hand-delivered by a friendly local florist. It's more than just a gift; it's a moment of connection, a reminder that someone is thinking of them in this bustling world. Our flower delivery service aims to create these magical moments, fostering connections and spreading joy, one bouquet at a time.

In the age of technology and fast-paced living, the act of sending flowers carries a timeless appeal. It harkens back to a simpler era when gestures were cherished and relationships were nurtured with care. Our local florists in Amsterdam are dedicated to preserving this tradition, infusing it with a modern touch that ensures your experience is as seamless as it is heartfelt.

So, whether you're celebrating life's victories or offering solace in times of need, let our local florists in Amsterdam, Netherlands, be your partners in expression. With their artistic prowess and genuine dedication, they will transform your emotions into exquisite floral arrangements that speak volumes. Place your order today and let flowers bridge the gap between your heart and theirs.