Winter Bouquets

Looking for beautiful Winter Bouquets?

flower agenda Winter bouquets are available in the period from December to February.

Every season brings its own seasonal flowers. Especially in winter there is plenty of this floral splendor to discover. We would like to introduce you to 7 cheerful winter flowers! Read on quickly, choose your Winter bouquet, have it delivered by your local florist and... enjoy!

Deliver a winter bouquet!

A winter bouquet, how nice is it to surprise someone with it? Our professional florists have put together beautiful winter bouquets for you. All our winter bouquets are made from the most beautiful winter flowers. Do you want to congratulate or thank someone? Winter bouquets are perfect for any occasion!

At you can easily and quickly have your winter bouquet delivered anywhere in the Netherlands. One of our local florists will make the bouquet and deliver it to the recipient.

How does ordering a winter bouquet work?

  • Choose your winter bouquet from the selection above
  • Select the size of your bouquet and enter your text for the card.
  • Select the delivery date and fill in the details of the recipients.
  • Choose your payment method and place your flower order
  • Voilà your flowers are now on their way!

You will find the most beautiful winter bloomers at Flowers.NL!

Deep into winter when nature is still asleep, it's kind of hard to imagine that some flowers can thrive. And yet, even during the cold and dark months of the year, nature still surprises us with beautiful winter blooms. But which flowers are we talking about? You probably know them! Their name? Helleborus, Amaryllis, Poinsettia. These flowers and plants are especially popular during the holiday season, but they are available all winter long.

Another flower making its comeback is the tulip! These are still grown in greenhouses... to be able to enjoy the beautiful tulip fields, we have to be a little patient.

And last but not least the tropical flowers. Think of orchids. They come from distant lands and bring the sun with them. Perfect to brighten up the house!

The 7 most popular winter bloomers.

  1. Amaryllis
  2. Anemone
  3. Sering
  4. Lisianthus
  5. Cymbidium
  6. Mimosa
  7. Tulip

White winter flowers.

White flowers are extremely popular in winter and you will often see them in our beautiful winter bouquets. The color white is often associated with winter. Think of the snow and winter landscapes. However, this does not mean that there are only white flowers.

Amaryllis and tulips can also be found in many other colors. Would you like to create your own winter wonderland? White winter flowers are perfect for it! Send a winter bouquet now or have beautiful winter flowers delivered and surprise family and friends with an unexpected gift.

After the winter we prepare for spring with Easter bouquets and spring bouquets