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Flower delivery through the best florists in the Netherlands with more than 100 years of experience.


Flower delivery through the best florists in the Netherlands with more than 100 years of experience.

Flower delivery

Flowers.NL is an expert in ordering flowers and delivering flowers. With us you can have flowers delivered quickly and easily in the Netherlands and abroad. If your order is received by us on working days before 13:00 and on Saturdays before 12:00, we can deliver your flowers the same day throughout the Netherlands (with the exception of the Wadden Islands). Our florists have more than 100 years of experience in flower delivery. Flowers.NL is a trusted name in flower delivery and that is confirmed by our customers. With an average review score of 9.9 for webshop Keurmerk. With this we score the highest in our industry. In addition to the quality of our services, selling beautiful, high-quality bouquets of flowers is our top priority.

Our Florists use only the best quality Flowers guaranteed with a 7 day vase-life warranty.

Order Flowers

You can send flowers to surprise your family, friends, colleagues or companies with a professionally composed bouquet. We are happy to help you to make someone happy or binging comfort by delivering beautiful flowers and bouquets. Whatever the message, order and send flowers is a great way to show your support, love, friendship, compassion or gratitude. So for order and send flowers you came to the right place!

The Netherlands is known worldwide as the country where many flowers come from. Tulips, Roses, Chrysanthemums and many other flowers are grown here and then find their way to buyers all over the world. But we also love flowers in the Netherlands, as a weekly bouquet in the living room or office, but also to surprise someone with. We often use flowers as messengers of joy and affection.

Flower delivery Netherlands.

Sending flowers to the Dutch provinces is a magical and heartwarming way to convey emotions, affection and joy. The Netherlands, with its picturesque cities, vast landscapes and rich cultural heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for sending vibrant and fragrant flowers that leave a lasting impression. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, wedding or simply to cheer someone up, flowers remain a timeless gift that expresses love and care.

Within the extensive network of florists who deliver flowers in the Netherlands, the provinces are approached as unique and versatile destinations. Each province has its own characteristics, landscapes and cultural diversity, making the flower delivery options even more special. From Groningen to Zeeland, each province carries its own beauty and meaning, which can be expressed in the flowers sent.

Flower delivery in Groningen.

In Groningen, where vast green plains and historic villages meet, flowers can be a symbol of freshness and vitality. Florists in this province understand the need for vibrant and colorful arrangements that reflect the lively atmosphere of the north of the Netherlands. Think of tulips, irises and other flowers that emphasize the natural splendor of Groningen. Send Flowers to Groningen

Flower delivery in Friesland.

Friesland, with its beautiful lakes and rich sailing traditions, offers a different setting for flower delivery. Florists in Friesland can put together arrangements that reflect the serene beauty of the lakes and waterways. Flowers such as water lilies, blue irises, and soft roses can convey a sense of calm and closeness to nature. Send Flowers to Friesland.

Flower delivery in Drenthe.

In the province of Drenthe, where rustic farmhouses and ancient dolmens can be found, flowers can add a touch of rural charm to any floral greeting. Florists here can create beautiful bouquets with wild flowers, dried grasses and natural elements that embody Drenthe's rural aesthetic. Send Flowers to Drenthe.

Flower delivery in Overijssel.

Overijssel, with its picturesque waterways and historic towns, offers a romantic setting for flower delivery. Roses, lilies and other classic flowers can be combined into elegant arrangements that exude the romance and rich history of this province.Send Flowers to Overijssel

Flower delivery in Gelderland.

In Gelderland, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes and historic castles, flowers can contribute to a fairytale atmosphere. Florists in Gelderland can create creative arrangements with flowers and greenery that reflect the majestic splendor of the castles and lush forests. Send Flowers to Gelderland

Flower delivery in Utrecht.

Utrecht, with its bustling cities and lively culture, calls for lively and contemporary flower greetings. Florists here can put together modern and trendy arrangements that reflect the energy and vitality of Utrecht. Think of innovative compositions with exotic flowers and bold colours. Send Flowers to Utrecht

Flower delivery in Noord Holland.

North Holland, with its lively cities, iconic canals and picturesque villages, offers countless possibilities for flower delivery. Florists can create playful arrangements here with a mix of traditional and contemporary flowers, which emphasize the versatility and vibrancy of the province. Send Flowers to Noord Holland

Flower delivery in Zuid Holland.

South Holland, with its maritime history and cultural wealth, can be honored with flowers that add a touch of maritime charm and artistic flair. Florists in South Holland can design arrangements that reflect the connection to the sea and the cultural heritage of cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden. Send Flowers to Zuid Holland

Flower delivery in Zeeland.

In Zeeland, surrounded by water and beautiful coastlines, flowers can be a tribute to the maritime beauty and relaxed atmosphere of this province. Florists can create creative compositions with shells, driftwood and other maritime elements, reflecting Zeeland's unique connection with the sea. Send Flowers to Zeeland

Flower delivery in Noord Brabant.

North Brabant, with its hospitable communities and exuberant lifestyle, can be honored with flowers that convey a sense of cosiness and warmth. Send Flowers to Noord Brabant

Flower delivery in Limburg.

Limburg, with its hilly landscapes and rich folklore, can be honored with flowers that capture the colors and scents of the south of the Netherlands. Florists in Limburg can create arrangements that reflect the vibrant culture and hospitality of the province, with flowers that add a touch of Mediterranean charm. Send Flowers to Limburg

Flower delivery in Flevoland.

The flowers delivered to Flevoland can be a symbol of resilience and perseverance, befitting the efforts made to create the land from the former Zuiderzee. Flowers can also serve as an expression of appreciation for those who have contributed to the development of this young province, and as a way to celebrate the community spirit and togetherness that characterize Flevoland. Send Flowers to Flevoland

Flower delivery Dutch Caribbean.

The delivery of flowers for the Netherlands Antilles is coordinated from the head office in Aruba. From here the orders are sent to the local florist on the island of destination.

Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Saba, en St. Eustatius

Send Flowers in the Netherlands.

Each province in the Netherlands has its own story and character, and flowers can be used to celebrate and share those unique qualities. Delivering flowers in the Dutch provinces is not only an act of affection, but also a way to embrace and spread the beauty and diversity of the country. Whether it's traditional floral arrangements or creative and innovative compositions, florists across the country are ready to create beautiful floral greetings that leave a lasting impression in every province and with every recipient.

Send funeral flowers

In times of grief and parting, we offer you a caring and respectful way to show your support. We at Flowers.nl understand how important it is to offer comfort and warmth to loved ones who have lost a loved one. Our specially composed collection of funeral flowers and funeral bouquets not only radiates beauty, but also compassion and love. With carefully chosen flowers and arrangements, we want to help you express your deepest feelings and honor the memory of the deceased. Click on the link below to order a funeral spray and convey your support during this difficult time.

Send birthday flowers.

Is it someone's birthday and you want to deliver a nice bunch of flowers? Then take a look at our birthday flowers. This birthday category has been put together so that you can easily and quickly have a bouquet of flowers delivered for the birthday boy or girl on the birthday itself.
A birthday deserves a flower. The birthday person is always happy with a beautiful bouquet of flowers when we deliver them on the birthday itself. You can decide when we deliver. You can choose the delivery day yourself.

Send roses.

The most famous and romantic flowers are of course the roses. With red roses you not only say that you are thinking of someone, but also that you love them. You let them know that the person you love is the person that makes you happy.
Whether it's a friendly love or a romantic love, both are possible. Ordering roses remains a magical experience that you want to carry out as easily as possible. That is why we at Flowers.NL make ordering red roses as easy as possible. You place the order and we take care of the rest.

Send plants.

In addition to our wide range of flowers, we also sell a number of different types of plants. Our florists have put together a beautiful collection with the most popular plants of the moment. We always adjust the Plant range during the season. You can choose from both flowering plants and green plants.

Send flowers for every occasions.

Flowers.NL has suitable bouquets and flowers for every season and for any occasion: birthday bouquets, flowers for a wedding, flowers for a new born, or to congratulate someone, flowers as a thank you or funeral flowers, so there is something for everyone. Do you want to order roses? Festive flower occasions such as Valentine's Day flowers, Christmas and Mother's Day flowers also require a bouquet of fresh flowers. Of course you can also have flowers delivered without any special reason. How nice is it to surprise someone just like that!

How can I send flowers?

Our florists are located throughout the Netherlands. So if you want to deliver flowers for your Mother in Amsterdam, our Fleurop Florist Amsterdam is happy to take care of that. But a bouquet of flowers for your aunt in Rotterdam is also processed with the utmost care by the Fleurop Florist Rotterdam. Do you have Family in Utrecht, The Hague or Eindhoven? Our florist UtrechtFlorist the Hague or Florist Eindhoven are also happy to take care of this for you.

You can find out were we do deliver in the Netherlands. Flower delivery Netherlands

Flower Prices.

How are flower prices determined?

Florists depend on purchasing and auction prices. The auction and purchase prices are determined by market forces.

Why are the flower prices so variable?

As a result, it may happen that some bouquets and/or single flower types such as roses are closed around public holidays and important flower sales days such as public holidays, Valentine's Day, int. Women's Day and Mother's Day, show a higher price than the same bouquets or flowers in any other period. This can also affect the size of the bouquets shown.