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Order a customized Christmas arrangement

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Our custom Christmas arrangements are perfect for any occasion. We listen to your specific wishes, color preference, style and flower types to create a unique and personal flower arrangement. Whether you are looking for something romantic, classic or modern, our florists will use their expertise and creativity to ensure that your Christmas arrangement is exactly the way you want it. Let us make your special day even more special with our custom floral arrangements.

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Prices include VAT and exclude € 8.95 shipping and handling costs. The image shown is the medium bouquet/arrangement. Our flowers and plants are hand tied or processed and personally made by a local florist. They may therefore differ slightly from the image, in color and composition, depending on the season, fluctuating purchase prices and availability. Changes and (printing) errors reserved.
All times mentioned are Local Dutch times.

Care tips Christmas centerpiece

Some tips to help the recipient enjoy the Christmas piece for longer

To ensure that your Christmas piece remains beautiful for a long time, it is important to pay regular attention to its care. If the Christmas piece is made of floral foam, check daily whether the floral foam is still sufficiently moist. If the oasis feels dry, gently water at the base of the flowers and branches. Avoid excessive watering, however, as an oasis that is too wet can promote mold growth.

Do not place the Christmas arrangement in a warm place near radiators or direct sunlight, as this can dry out the flowers and leaves. A cool, well-ventilated room is ideal to maintain the freshness of the Christmas arrangement.

Remove dead or wilted flowers and leaves regularly to extend the life of the arrangement. If you notice that the oasis is losing its firmness, you can add extra floral foam or rearrange the flowers.

With these simple care tips, your Christmas piece will remain beautiful and festive throughout the festive period.

Standard The Christmas arrangement will be smaller in composition than the arrangement shown.
Medium This is the format of the composition shown in the picture.
Large The arrangement will be larger and expanded by our florist in the same color and style as the composition shown in the photo.
Remarks: “Our floral arrangements are daily subject to changes in pricing at the flower auctions, as the cost of flowers is influenced by market forces. Consequently, there might be variations in the selected arrangements, resulting in a slightly reduced quantity of flowers compared to what you may be accustomed to from us. Additionally, please be aware that the dishes and containers used in the arrangements may vary based on seasonal availability. We strive to maintain the high quality and aesthetic appeal of our arrangements, but fluctuations in flower prices and container availability can impact the overall presentation”

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