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Indicate your preference for the plant arrangement to our florist.

And based on your preferences, our florist will get to work. Together with his years of expertise, he will put together a beautiful plant arrangement for you and deliver it to the recipient.
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The local florist gives a 7-day vase guarantee.

Prices are inclusive of VAT and excluded € 8.95 delivery and handling costs. The shown example of the bouquet/arrangement is the medium size. Flowers are a natural product, the bouquets delivered may vary in color and composition due to seasonal and availability influences. Subject to changes and (printing) errors. All times mentioned are Local Dutch times.

Plant Care tips

A few tips so the recipient can enjoy the plant for a longer time.


The ideal place for most plants is a west- or east-facing window. Cacti and succulents can be placed in a south-facing window. Plants that tolerate little or no sun feel best in the north.

In general:

    • The thicker the leaf, the more heat and sunlight the plant can tolerate.
    • The lighter the leaf, the more light (no sun) the plant needs.
    • The darker the leaf, the smaller the need for light.
    • Flowering plants like a light spot for bud development, but most prefer not to be in the sun.
    • Variegated plants also prefer a light spot.


In a room that is centrally heated, the air is often dry; especially above a radiator.

Most plants do not like dry air, so it is good to use humidifiers. Some plants love to be watered.


The water requirement depends on many circumstances and cannot be given in general, but there are a few tips:

  • Thick, fleshy leaves have little evaporation and therefore less need for water, such as succulents. These plants have a natural adaptation, are strong and often recover well.
  • A wax layer on the leaf protects against dehydration, the plant needs less water.
  • Thin leaves have a lot of evaporation. The plant often comes from a living environment with high humidity or a fairly moist substrate.
  • Large leaf has a lot of evaporation

It is advisable to keep a fixed day per week for the care. You can usually find the specific information on the internet or in a good basic house plant book.

In plants that have had too much water, the roots may be affected, which means that recovery is no longer possible.


When purchasing, the plants have sufficient nutrition for the first period. After some time it is good to start feeding regularly. Most plants can be treated with a general food for green plants and one for flowering plants, but there are also specific foods on the market. Plants are good for air purity. Many plants absorb harmful substances through their leaves and break them down in the roots. Houseplants come from all parts of the world and each need their own care that corresponds as much as possible to the conditions in which they originally grow.

Standard The bouquet will be smaller in composition than the bouquet shown in the picture.
Medium This is the format of the composition shown in the picture.
Large The bouquet will be expanded by our florist in the same color and style as the composition shown in the photo.
Remarks: “Our florists dependent on auction prices, the purchase price of flowers is increasing due to market forces. Unfortunately, this means that some bouquets and the loose roses around holidays and important flowers give days (Valentine's Day, int. Women's Day, Mother's Day, or certain circumstances)  higher in price than you are used to from us. This will also be the case with local florists ”

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