Track and Trace information

Track & Trace

How can I track my order?

Below we will briefly explain to you how our track and trace updates work.

Track and trace

Directly after you place the order you will receive an order confirmation.

Once our florist has prepared the order for shipment on the day of delivery. You will receive the status update "Shipped" by email.

When the order has been delivered to the delivery address or to one of the neighbors you will receive a new notification with the status "Delivered". by email

When you ordered of Champagne, Whiskey, Fruit baskets, Villa Chocolate or Truffle Chocolate to your flower order, we always try to deliver this in 1 shipment, however in the event of unforeseen logistical circumstances, products may be delivered in separate shipments.


Not at Home

What happens if the recipient is not at home? If the recipient is not at home, the driver will try to leave order with one of the neighbors for recipient to collect.

If this is not possible the driver will take the order back to the store and will leave a not-home card in the postbox with instructions. To avoid further delay of other deliveries its for the driver not possible to call with recipient.

At this moment our system cannot give you this detailed track and trace information in-case the recipient was not at home.

Learn more about a our delivery status

Delivery terms

Would you like to have more information in regards to our delivery terms?

Delivery dates and times can unfortunately not be guaranteed. During times of high order traffic, it may occur happen that orders are also delivered in the evening hours  or in worse case the next day. Our track and trace service is a free service, no rights can be derived from this.

Please click here for more information in regards our terms.

How fast can you deliver?

Order before 13:00 local dutch time, and your order will be delivered the same day. No Delivery possible on Sunday in The Netherlands.

Same day delivery?

If the order is placed after 13:00 is same day delivery then still possible?

Yes, this is possible however not guaranteed, We will do our best for you!

What happens if the recipient is not at home?

If the recipient is not at home, we will try to deliver the flowers/package with the neighbors and the recipient will find a note or card in the Postbox with the address where flowers/package have been delivered to be collected.

When  the deliveryman could not leave the flowers/package with the neighbors we will take the flowers/package back to the store and leave a message in the postbox with instructions for recipient.

Can I specify a delivery time?

Orders to companies are delivered during office hours. If your order has to be delivered for a certain time, you can indicate this in your order under 'remark'. Please only fill in an external delivery time if this is really necessary. We try to take this into account as much as possible, but we cannot give you any guarantees.If you want 100% certainty that your order will be there for a specific time, please contact our customer service by telephonel. With Mourning arrangements you always get the guarantee that the flowers will be delivered before the time you specified. If for whatever reason it does not work, we will contact you.

Do you also deliver to hospitals, hotels and campsites?

Yes, but please provide us with as much information as possible, such as department, room number, (maiden) name, etc.

It is not possible to personally deliver the orders to the recipient in hospitals, hotels, companies and campsites. the Order is then issued at the reception for the attention of the recipient. The reception then contacts the recipient or ensures that the order is delivered to the recipient.

Also a mobile phone number or a landline number of the recipient can sometimes be very useful to get the flowers in the right place.

I want to order something for a funeral, what information do you need?

When ordering a funeral or cremation, it is extra important that the flowers are delivered to the correct address and time.

Please provide us with as much information as possible, such as the name of the funeral home, the name of the deceased, the date and time of saying goodbye, etc.

You can enter this information when ordering in specially designated fields or at "remark". Also make sure you direct the text on the ribbon or card to the deceased and not to the surviving relative. A text such as 'much strength' is therefore not appropriate.

You can think of 'Rest in peace' or 'A last greeting' or, for example, only the sender (your own name).

Why can't the driver call the recipient?

During times of high order traffic, our deliverers often have to visit up to 30 addresses per hour for delivery. Calling recipients before or during the delivery period causes major delays, which hinder the delivery of other orders.

If it turns out that addresses are incorrect, the driver will take the order back to the flower shop and will try to contact the recipient there later.

 “I'll be there in 10 minutes” You will understand that waiting until someone is home or adjusting the delivery route also causes too much delay for other orders where the recipient is at home.

If you are not at home or if the door is not opened, the standard procedure is that the driver first tries to leave the order at one of the neighbors. If this also fails, the order will be returned to the flower shop and a note will be left for the recipient.


I don't have the address details of the recipient, can you call her or him?

Of course we can contact the recipient by telephone and ask whether we may receive the delivery address for the delivery of your order.

You will understand that we cannot share the received address data with you.

If you want to place such an order, enter the address of our company at the delivery address: Postal code 6921SB house number 9.

Do not forget to include the recipient's telephone number and indicate in the order that we must contact the recipient for the correct delivery address.