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Perfumes are as old as humanity itself. The very first fragrances were made as early as 7,000 BC. That means a history of more than 9,000 years, although a lot has of course changed over time.

In Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, for example, the scents were used to embalm pharaohs. It involved scented essences and ointments, which were also burned during rituals. The scents went up in smoke to honor the gods. That going up in smoke is best translated as 'Per Fumum', from which the current name 'perfume' is still derived.

The Golden Age for perfume took place in the 13th century. Arab scientists then managed to distill fragrances and ship their fragrance elixirs to Europe. They extracted the scent from rose petals and mixed them with water. At the same time, France managed to distill alcohol from wine. The convergence of these developments led to the perfumes as we know them today.

Grasse and Venice also play an important role in history. Grasse was the place for enfleurage, important in extracting fragrances. Today it is the capital of perfume, because from there fragrance raw materials are shipped all over the world. Many of the major brands have thriving plantations for their key ingredients.