Fragrance sets - Men

Are you looking for a personal men's gift?

Are you looking for a personal gift? Or do you just want to treat yourself?

Men's fragrances and gift sets

A mane fragrance chosen with love and care is a pleasure to give and receive. We show you a small selection of the most popular scents or scent sets to have delivered together with a bouquet of flowers.
In the collection you will find a refined fragrance for work and for after sports. And also for special occasions, you can be sure that you will find heavier men's fragrances in the range with an extra luxurious aroma that fits, for example, with elegant evening wear and a chic environment.


Flowers with a scent gift set for men

Whether you are looking for a fragrance for yourself or for a man, father, friend or family member to order together with a bouquet of flowers, you will find a number of different scents on our site for different types of men. A fragrance can be smooth and sophisticated, energetic and passionate, fun and fragrant, or clean and refreshing. You will always find a scent that matches the bouquet you have chosen.

Order a Fragrance gift set or men's fragrance 2-3 days before the complete order is to be delivered with the bouquet, and we will ensure that the gift set is delivered together with the bouquet of flowers.