Stylish ornamental onion with spectacular flowering bulb

You wouldn't expect a member of the onion family to grow into a particularly spectacular flowering ball of tiny flowers? Nevertheless, this ornamental onion will certainly surprise you. The extremely stately thick stem with the flowers in the most beautiful colors on it will allow you to enjoy it for a long time. You can even enjoy them endlessly if you dry them. Often you don't even realize it and only when you damage the stem do you notice that they come from the onion family. You immediately smell the characteristic onion smell. It is therefore wise to put them in water immediately after cutting them at an angle.

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At the top of the long stylish stem is a stylish ball of small flowers. Some variants are a bit modest, others make a big statement in your vase. From pure white to purple and lilac colored. There are about 300 different varieties and almost all of them bloom in the summer. The Allium Giganteum is the very largest variety. These purple flower collections can have a diameter of no less than 25 cm pure happiness.


For example, onions have a high superstition value. Certainly the very strongly scented species were used all too gladly to keep evil, diseases and witches at bay. A braided strand at the door kept everything out. The Allium victorialis was known for invulnerability and victory. In Germany this variant is therefore called 'Allermannsharnisch', which means the armor for the common man. The onions were also often depicted on graves with the Egyptians, because the layers of the onion were the symbol of eternity there.


The Allium belongs to the plant genus of the garlic family. The plants grow in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and some species can grow up to 1.5 meters tall. The Romans initially used the word Allium only for garlic, but later this also became the generic name for all other garlic crops. Chives and leeks also belong to the genus.


Enjoy this stylish flower for an extra long time!

  • Provide a clean vase and clean water at room temperature.
  • Cut a piece diagonally off the flower stem of the Allium with a sharp knife.
  • Add cut flower food.
  • Change the water every five days and refill it regularly.
  • Do not place the Allium flowers in full sun, near a heater, near a fruit bowl or in a draught.
  • You can also simply let the Allium bol with its beautiful leaves dry.