Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The number of sustainable florists from Fleurop is growing. They are actively engaged in making their products and services and their own business operations more sustainable. In this way, every local entrepreneur contributes to a more sustainable future. We are happy to tell you more about this:

What does sustainable mean?

We hear the term sustainable every day. But when is something sustainable? Officially sustainable means: little impact on the environment. It is therefore good that we are and remain aware of this in order to contribute in this way.

How does Flowers.NL view Corporate Social Responsibility?

At Flowers.NL, we consider sustainability to be of paramount importance and we actively work on this based on social commitment and a future-oriented vision. We believe it is important that a professional florist affiliated with Fleurop meets the requirements of the independent Barometer Sustainable Florist quality mark, which is a strict requirement for membership of Fleurop.

More than 80% of consumers (business & private) now find it important that companies have a sustainability strategy. They increasingly allow their choice to be influenced by this. The Barometer Sustainable Florist quality mark uses a checklist determined by the independent body SMK. With the checklist, the flower florist ensures that both the purchase of the flowers and the processes surrounding making and delivery are done in a sustainable way.

SGS periodically checks the Fleurop Florist's shop to ensure that the florist permanently complies with the guidelines and requirements for the quality mark. In this way, every customer ensures that a bouquet is delivered in a sustainable way from a local Fleurop specialist florist. That gives an extra good feeling.

As a Flowers.NL brand, we take climate neutrality, circularity and fair chains into account as much as possible with all activities and processes, in order to operate in a future-proof manner (CSR).

We also endeavor to deal with the sustainability principle as responsibly as possible at our office in Duiven and the business processes that take place there. You can think of; recycling, consciously dealing with electricity, not wasting water and generating and using green electricity.

We generate all our electricity ourselves by means of solar panels. The office is 100% equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, and the building is 100% double glazed. For heating we are connected to the district heating network of the municipality of Duiven. Our fleet is modest and 100% electric.

What is a sustainable florist?

If you meet the requirements of the Barometer Sustainable Florist, you can officially call yourself a sustainable florist. With this independent quality mark, the florist shows that the range of flowers and plants, as well as the business operations in the shop, are more sustainable. He does this through more sustainable business operations and purchasing more sustainable flowers and plants. The certification scheme has been established in collaboration with environmental organizations, umbrella organizations, NGOs, sector-specific research agencies, florists, growers, auction and wholesalers.

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