Delivery -Track & Trace - Status

Status updates

Once our florist has prepared the order for shipment on the day of delivery. You will receive the status update. "Shipped"

When the order has been delivered to the delivery address or to one of the neighbors you will receive a new notification with the status. "Delivered"

Additional gifts

With the addition of Champagne, Whiskey, Fruit baskets, and Truffle Chocolate to your flower order, we always try to deliver this in one shipment.

Due to logistical issues in may occur that this not possible and that different delivery times will then take place.

Shipping delays

Delivery dates and times can unfortunately not be guaranteed.

During times of high order traffic, it can happen that orders are also delivered in the evening hours.

Our track and trace is a free service, no rights can be derived from this.

How is my flower order processed?

Have you ordered a bouquet of flowers for today? This will be delivered during the day by our local florist, provided you place the order before 13:00. An exception to this are the places on the Wadden Islands. The florist will try as much as possible to make the bouquet you ordered. However, it is possible that not all flowers are in stock and that the bouquet is slightly different.

Have you ordered a bouquet of flowers with a bottle of Champagne, Luxury Chocolate bonbons, Rituals gift set, or one of our other luxury gifts? Then it is possible that the gifts are delivered in a separate shipment.

What time will my bouquet of flowers be delivered?

Did you only order a bouquet of flowers? Then it will be delivered by our local florist. Unfortunately, we have no insight into the delivery times of the florist. Do you order in the morning? Then your order will usually be delivered in the afternoon. Delivery to companies usually takes place before 5 p.m. It is also possible that a local florist delivers flowers after 6 pm. Even during busy flower days such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, it is possible that delivery is made after 6 p.m.

If you have ordered funeral flowers and you have entered a time of the funeral, then the flowers will of course be delivered before the start of the funeral.

What happens if the recipient is not at home?

If the recipient is not at home, an attempt will always be made to deliver the order to neighbors or local residents. The recipient will then receive a card in the letterbox where the flowers were delivered. In some cases, it is possible that no neighbors are also able to accept the flowers. In that case, the deliverer will take the flowers back and leave a note so that the recipient can contact the florist.

How does delivery work in hospitals, hotels, campsites, holiday parks?

It is possible to deliver flowers to hospitals, hotels, campsites, etc. When ordering, state the name of the hospital, hotel or campsite in the company name box. Mention as much further delivery information as possible after the name of the recipient, such as room number or house number. If you have flowers delivered for an employee of a hospital or hotel, do we also ask you to mention this in the comments in the order?

Flowers.NL is not responsible for redelivery or refund if the recipient is no longer present at the address you provided.

Always ensure correct address.

Always ensure correct address and state as much information as possible that is important for correct delivery. Flowers.NL is also not responsible for redelivery of flowers or refunds if the address of the recipient is incorrect. An address is also not correct if the given zip code does not match the street and house number in that place of residence.