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Trends based on the zeitgeist

source: Bloemenbureau Holland

Our society is out of balance. There is less confidence in politics and we have headaches. About war, the climate transition, housing shortage, the raw materials crisis, healthcare, the transition in work and in education. Media and Big Tech have more and more influence and power. Meanwhile, polarization and alienation make people want to withdraw into 'real' and digital mini worlds. How does politics create new policies in this deeply divided society? And how do you know that these new plans will go down well? That is what the current zeitgeist is all about: Green sector trends 2023 - TIME SPIRIT. We translated these into four style trends for 2023.

The four style trends for 2023

Ode to Nature.

A crisis calls for extreme shapes instead of subtle design. Within Ode to Nature it seems as if nature invades our interior and takes over. Shapes are therefore organic, robust, whimsical and therefore extremely natural. For example, we see many rock, stone and boulder shapes or shapes that appear to be handmade. The wild-looking inner borders are striking. An organic symbiosis of dead and living materials is created, for example with benches that look like stone, but are made of a soft material. The materials are also natural or environmentally conscious. In terms of color, expect brown, green and soft, natural tones in the interior. We also see a lot of image rhyme, in this we find the connection between different elements from nature. This makes us realize again that everything is connected, we are part of nature and we get inspiration from this for design.

Vintage Folklore.

This trend leads to an interior as a colorful collection full of love and respect for the product. There are influences from the 1970s, from rural folklore, handicrafts, fine floral designs, but also composite products, broken and broken shapes as if they were glued together. This results in a personal interior with a warm, inviting appearance. Think soft furniture with round shapes, colored wall plates and patchwork. Bouquets are colorful and wild, with dried flower details. Plants are everywhere and are cherished, even the odd ones out.

Layered Spaces.

With room dividers and multifunctional furniture, spaces are cleverly transformed, so that, for example, a workspace is created. In this way we create a kind of stratification in the home, emphasized even more by wall and floor decoration in the form of surfaces. These interlock or are arranged on top of each other. By playing with effects you get the feeling that there is more space than just the physical surface. Color contrasts enhance this spatial effect. We come across flowers and plants in unexpected places, such as on the toilet. Bouquets are arranged in layers and you also need to be able to easily 'stack' or move plants.

Collecting Memories.

We like to surround ourselves with recognizable products that give a comforting feeling. Colors also play an important role in this. Soft and dark greens offer comfort and security. Lilac and pink stand for softness, memories and poetry. Flowers and plants complete this sense of comfort and memories. In bouquets, all individual flowers seem to have a meaning, together they form a beautiful poem.