Once every 2 Weeks flower subscription

Are you looking for a flower subscription every 2 weeks?

Who does not want to receive a beautiful auction fresh bouquet of flowers in varying composition every 2 weeks? And arranged on a suitable vase by our skilled Fleurop Florist. The florist will take the vase back with the next delivery. The florist gives a 7-day fresh guarantee on all our bouquets!

2 Weekly flower subscription.

Our 2-weekly flower subscription is a great way to fill your home with fresh flowers. Every 2 weeks you will receive a unique composition of flowers, specially composed by our florists. The flowers come in a beautiful vase, which is delivered to your home, so you don't have to worry about buying a vase or arranging the flowers yourself.

Our florists provide a varying composition of flowers, so that you will be surprised every time with new colors and types of flowers. The subscription can be canceled every six months or annually, so that you have control over how long you want to enjoy the flowers. In short, our 2 weekly flower subscription is the perfect way to fill your home with fresh flowers and enjoy a unique composition of flowers every 2 weeks.

Flower subscription as a gift.

Our 2 weekly flower subscription is also a great gift idea for family, friends or business associates. It is a unique and valuable gift for someone who loves flowers and is looking for a regular flow of fresh flowers in their home. By giving the gift of a 2 weekly flower subscription, you can surprise someone with a changing composition of flowers every 2 weeks and a beautiful vase for home. The subscription can be taken out for half a year or a year, depending on the preference of the recipient. So, if you're looking for a unique gift for someone who loves flowers, our 2 weekly flower subscription is the perfect choice.

Enjoy a new beautiful bouquet with fresh flowers every 2 weeks, composed by the Fleurop professional florist. With Flowers @Home's flexible subscription, you can get a bouquet delivered to your home whenever it suits you. Do you want to receive the bouquet weekly or monthly? we can arrange that, then take a look at the other pages weekly flower subscription or the monthly flower subscription.