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Mother's Day

In the Netherlands, Mother's Day is celebrated on every 2nd Sunday in May. Mother's Day is the day that is suitable to put your mother in the sun.
As children learn at an early age that they create a gift for Mother's Day. At a later age than they buy from their pocket money a beautiful bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day. Where and how is Mother's existence? And where does it come from giving flowers on this day. About stories doing there in the round, like this we'll tell you more.

Mothers love flowers with Mother's Day.

Flowers have always been very important on Mother's Day. In America, Mrs. Anna Marie Jarvis the person that Mother made it big with bloemen.Anna Marie gave during the services of her father away carnations to mothers who were present in the church.
They also laid down flowers at the graves of deceased mothers. Gradually disappeared ecclesiastical side of Mother's Day and the day became more and more a day when families used this day to put their mothers in the spotlight thanks for their motherhood. How can you thank your mother now better than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The history of Mother's Day.

From 1925 we have in the Netherlands the tradition of Mother's Day which is celebrated on every 2nd Sunday in May. The celebration of Mother's Day may vary by country as in England find this place in March and in the vicinity of Antwerp (Belgium) on 15 August Mother ..
In Germany and eastern Europe, however, Mother's Day is celebrated on the same 2nd Sunday in May and in the Netherlands.

MOTHERSDAY  derived from ancient times?

It is very likely that Mother dates from antiquity. From multiple sources, it can be seen that in ancient Greece was a formal Mother cult. There were ceremonies for Rhea, the mother of all Greek gods, throughout Asia Minor took place on March 15 this mother cult place. Very probably this was the first variant of Mother as we know it now.
Roman said that they celebrated Mother's sacrifices in the temple of Cybele, the mother of all the gods, to bring.


In the Catholic Church, it is a known fact that for centuries the Mother of Jesus, Mary, has for centuries been revered. It is possible that there is a product in an origin. Furthermore, it is known that in the 17th century in the united kingdom the Christian holiday Mothering Sunday arose. This then took place on the fourth Sunday in Lent.
This was the day that young servants were allowed to go to their mother. Because at that time the servants at the family lived where they worked.


Mother's Day as we know it has come from the USA. A US judge Julia Ward Court was the first campaigned for it. Unfortunately this is not hit, and in 1907, especially Anne Marie Jarvis, the daughter of an American preacher talking about. Mother Anne Marie did a lot of development in its vicinity. Anne Marie wanted GOOD idea of ​​doing for others interpret. Therefore they organized Mother's Day on Sunday after the death of her mother, this is as we now know the 2nd Sunday in May.

This initiative this time it hit, and they reached even that President Woodrow Wilson, in 1914, an official national holiday "Mother's Day" took the second Sunday in May.
By influence of the first World War is the cause of that Mother was only in the twenties fame in Europe.

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