A bouquet of flowers is the most given gift on Secretary's Day.



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Flowers on Secretary's Day

A bouquet of flowers is the most given gift on Secretary's Day. At least if your manager Secretary's not forget. Almost half of the Secretary's managers appears to forget this day *. Set the date so time each year in his / her diary! As yet forget the secretary? Control yourself quickly you a bouquet of flowers ... in vase, with a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine fleurop get there .... You're not the only secretary who controls his / her secretary day flower gift; does that 24% * of the secretaries!
Why secretary day?
Why is there a secretary day? Today is the day to reflect on the added values ​​of secretaries of organizations. Secretary Day for Executives also the perfect opportunity to put their assistant in the sun.
The Secretary's origin
At the origin of secretary day is another thought. Secretary Day in 1952 under the name America arise Secretary's Day. It was brought to life by the president of the National Secretaries Association (Mary Barrett) and the president of a dictaphone supplier named C. King Word Bridge. They hired advertising agency Young & Rubicam to create a campaign. There was in 1952, namely a shortage of people in the administrative sector.
Secretary Day began as secretary week
Secretary Day began in America even as secretary week: the National Secretaries Week. Secretary Day was part of this week secretary. June 4, 1952, a Wednesday, was the first official secretary day. In America, secretary day still held on Wednesday and in the last full week of April. It is now called Administrative Professionals Day.
Secretary Day in the Netherlands thanks to your Fleurop florist
Secretary Day blew in 1989 and came to the Netherlands thanks Fleurop Florists. On April 20, 1989, the first Dutch Secretary's place. It was then, as in the United States, Secretary's Day. This first secretary day, alongside Fleurop, initiated by the Flower Council of Holland, Schoevers Management Support Magazine and StarJob the secretary network. Since the origin is secretary day held on the third Thursday in April. Flowers are the most given gift on Secretaries' *. Then the Fleurop Florist is obviously very proud!
Source: Fleurop Interflora Netherlands