Bouquet "Roses are red"

A bouquet of 12 or 24 beautiful red roses in combination with greens.

White Roses + Champagne, Veuve Clicquot Brut

Premium Quality

Large  white roses in combination with a bottle of one of the Premium Bottles of  French Champagne by Veuve Clicquot .

White Roses & Champagne, Moët Chandon Brut

Premium Quality

Large White roses in combination with a bottle of one of the Premium Bottles of  French Champagne by Moët & Chandon.

Red Roses & Champagne, Veuv Clicquot

Premium Quality

Large Red roses in combination with a bottle of one of the Premium Bottles of  French Champagne Veuv Clicquot

Bouquet Picked Happiness

With this bouquet you make someone's day very successful


Bouquet Awarded

Depending on season availability the colors of this gorgeous bouquet of roses may vary.


Bouquet Romantic spring

Start this spring with a extraordinary romantic bouquet of tulips.

Bouquet Colorful roses

A colorfulness bouquet of mixed roses short stem colors may vary due to availability at the flower-shop


Bouquet Soft Silk

The recipient of course deserves the best. Therefore have this message of flowers delivered,

Bouquet I will send you roses

Mixed bouquet of  roses, colors may vary  depending on availability at the local flower shop

Bouquet for my love

Bouquet of wild field-spring flowers for a special love

Bouquet Sparking pink colors

A bright, lovely and delicate bouquet of different seasonal flowers in pink colors

Bouquet Mixed tulips

A colorful  with care special hand tied bouquet of mixed pink tulips

Bouquet Special roses

This bouquet will be special welcome in every living room with this selection of special roses.

Bouquet Hugely in Love

A Special bouquet of assorted flowers for wen you are Hugely  love.



Valentine's bouquet delivery

Valentine's Day is of course the perfect day to surprise your (silent) loved one with a beautiful Valentine's bouquet. Our Valentine gifts are suitable for him and her. The flowers will be delivered on Valentine's Day and your love can enjoy a romantic Valentine's gift.

It is also nice to know that every Valentine's bouquet is always composed with love and care by the local florist. And we are very proud of that!

Do you want to surprise your love extra? Then choose a beautiful Valentine's card with a personal text. gift tip! Make it an extra special gift by adding a soft teddy bear, a nice box of chocolates and a beautiful vase. The Valentine's Day surprise is complete!

Valentine's Day: Send roses

Do you want to order red roses for your Valentine? As you may know, red roses are a sign of love, but also represent passion, passion, desire and appreciation. The rose is the most sold flower on Valentine's Day and we have therefore also put together other colors such as white roses, pink roses and mixed rose bouquets. You will also find it in our carefully composed bouquets. With this you will certainly surprise your Valentine in a loving way!

Do you want to surprise your loved one unforgettable? Then you can order a large bunch with 100 roses. A bouquet with 100 red roses is a loving and popular surprise on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day flowers delivery

We deliver the flowers for Valentine's Day throughout the Netherlands. We can of course also deliver our bouquets to the company where your love is working at that moment. Otherwise, the bouquet may be delivered after working hours.

Anonymous Valentine's flower delivery.

Do you want to surprise your Valentine anonymously? Do not leave any personal information on the card. We will never share data with the recipient or others without permission.

Valentinesday Flowers

Who is your Valentine?