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Looking for a flowers to send to the Dutch Caribbean ?

The delivery of flowers for the Netherlands Antilles is coordinated from the head office in Aruba. From here the orders are sent to the local florist on the island of destination.

Remarks! It is not possible to specify specific wishes for orders to the Netherlands Antilles. The florists on the islands are n.l. depending on the supply of flowers from the mainland of South America and from the Netherlands. As a result, the availability of flowers and flower types is very limited.

Ordering flowers is possible for the Islands: Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, st. Maarten, Saba, and st. Eustatius


Flower Delivery in the Netherlands Antilles!

Surprise your family, loved ones or loved ones on the beautiful islands of the Netherlands Antilles with our enchanting flowers and bring a smile their faces, even from far away! Whether you want to send flowers to Curaçao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius or Saba, we are there to fulfill your flower wishes.

Discover the enchanting flowers for the islands of the Netherlands Antilles:

1. Curaçao: With its colorful architecture and breathtaking beaches, Curaçao is a tropical paradise. Send a bouquet to this vibrant island and let your loved ones enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean.

2. Bonaire: Quiet Bonaire is known for its beautiful underwater world and unspoiled nature. Bring a splash of color to this serene island with our vibrant floral arrangements.

3. Sint Maarten: An island divided between the Netherlands and France, Sint Maarten welcomes visitors with its vibrant atmosphere. Send flowers to Sint Maarten and share in the joy of this dynamic island.

4. St. Eustatius(Statia):  With its historic charm and tranquil setting, St. Eustatius is an idyllic retreat. Make someone happy on this picturesque island by having flowers delivered.

5. Saba: The smallest island of the Netherlands Antilles, Saba is characterized by lush green mountains. Add a touch of natural beauty to this island by sending flowers to Saba.

How does flower delivery work on the Dutch Antilles:

1. Choose your bouquet: Discover our extensive collection of flowers and choose the perfect bouquet for the occasion.

2. Enter the delivery address: Enter your recipient's address in the Netherlands Antilles and make sure you have entered all necessary details correctly.

3. Add a personal message: Make your flowers even more special by adding a personal message. Express your feelings and share warm wishes.

4. Secure payment: Complete your order with a secure payment. We offer various payment methods for your convenience.

5. Enjoy the smile: Let us take care of the rest. Your beautiful flowers will be carefully delivered to the desired address in the Netherlands Antilles, and your recipient will certainly enjoy the surprise.

Surprise your loved ones today at the Netherlands Antilles with the freshness and beauty of our flowers!

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